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BookLynx: BookLynx

A Shared eBook Collection Is a Wonderful Thing!

What do you call an eBook collection that's hungry to grow? BookLynx!

RILINK's collection of shared eBooks, called BookLynx, is available for all members to access. This means that students, teachers, and parents have access to titles in the collection through computers and mobile devices. 

Right now, the number of BookLynx titles is small. Our goal is to significantly enlarge the collection through a crowdfunding campaign. 

Please help feed BookLynx! Learn more by visiting the tabs above.

Anyone can feed BookLynx!

Please make a contribution to the BookLynx campaign. Help spread the word to community members, parents, teachers, PTO/PTA groups, businesses, and anyone else who cares about linking eBooks with hungry readers.

Please send in your contribution using our donation form.  Our online giving campaign has ended, but we still need your support !

Help spread the word!

Help promote our BookLynx crowdfunding campaign with the flyer linked below. Share it with anyone in your community who cares about linking books with kids!

Ready to start reading?

Browse the BookLynx collection here. Access to read the eBooks online requires a user name and password. Additional access may also be available through your school's Follett Shelf and library catalog. Please see your RILINK school librarian for details.

RILINK Librarians: Our BookLynx is your BookLynx!

Request eBooks to be added to BookLynx here.

Help promote the campaign with the flyer and bookmarks linked below. Share them with teachers, administrators, colleagues, parents, and anyone else in your community who cares about linking books with kids!

Make a contribution to the campaign--or better yet, convince your PTA/PTO, local businesses, or charity organizations to do the same! Contributions can be sent by using our donation form.

Additional contribution instructions are included in the next section.

Help get the right titles into the BookLynx collection!

Follow these steps to submit suggestions of eBook titles to add to the shared collection:

  1. Log on to your TitleWave account or request an account if you don't already have one.
  2. Click on Saved Lists.
  3. Select Start a new list.
  4. Use the name of your school or your three-letter code as the name of the list.
  5. In the Notes field, indicate that these are eBooks that you are recommending for purchase by RILINK for our shared BookLynx collection; or, if you are purchasing these titles for BookLynx, indicate that you will be sending a PO for this eBook purchase***.
  6. Select the titles that you want to recommend or purchase and add them to this list.
  7. When you have finished your list, go to Current List to View the Current list.
  8. Choose to Share the list with lkhgrew, which is the username for RILINK's account on TitleWave.
  9. *** If you are purchasing these eBooks for BookLynx, send a PO for the amount of the order to the East Bay Educational Collaborative, ATTN: Karen Corr.  The address is 317 Market Street, Warren, RI  02885, and the fax number is (401) 245-9332.

Expand your library's access to BookLynx titles!

Click here to learn how to add BookLynx titles to your own Follett Shelf.

Note: donations as of February 11, 2015.  So far, we have raised over $2,300.

Constellations ($100 or more)

  • Sharron Rothberg
  • Luigia Solda
  • Exeter/West Greenwich High School
  • East Providence  High School
  • Lisa E. Girard
  • Laura Laurence
  • Lisa Casey
  • Carol Cappadona
  • East Greenwich High School (Shelley Avarista)
  • Kathy Gendron
  • John F. Deering Middle School
  • Greenbush Elementary PTA
  • Woodridge Parents Teachers Organization
  • Dorothy Frechette

Bright Stars ($25 or more)

  • Lorraine Demartini
  • Friends of Shea
  • Nancy Maddox in recognition of Stephanie Mills
  • Margaret Chace
  • Katherine O'Kane
  • Sharyn Farley
  • Lynn McDonald
  • Debbie Fisher
  • Mary E. Tow
  • Sharon F. Webster
  • Michael S. Alper
  • Gorton Jr. High School        (Christine Murphy)
  • Joan Wollin
  • Westerly High  School
  • Winman PTO






BookLynx talks to the Eldredge Library rooster about the RICBA nominees




How you can continue to support BookLynx and RILINK

Have you done at least two of the following?

  1. Copy our donation flyer and encourage parents, community groups and businesses to send in donations
  2. Post on Twitter or Facebook encouraging your followers and friends to support BookLynx
  3. Purchase eBooks for BookLynx (directions above).
  4. Make eBook recommendations for BookLynx (directions above),
  5. Purchase RILINK, RICAT or BookLynx merchandise at  (profit goes to BookLynx, start your holiday shopping early)
  6. Collect all of the change lying around your house, take it to a coin machine, deposit the proceeds in your checking account, then send a check to support BookLynx
  7. Show your principal, teachers and students how they can use RICAT, BookLynx and AskRI, explaining the benefits of sharing resources
  8. Develop a homework project for students to complete using RICAT and AskRI, with parents signing off on the completed work
  9. Show your students and teachers how to request books on interlibrary loan
  10. Teach a library lesson featuring resources available using WebPath Express and/or OneSearch
  11. Tell your students about the BookLynx Info Search (see below), encouraging them to submit their search results
  12. OR... Hand out bookmarks

BookLynx Info Search

Campaign Countdown

Send in your contribution to BookLynx using our promotional flyer below.

Thanks !