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You must be a certified member of the LORI network to participate in interlibrary loan.

Troubleshooting Missing ILL Items

Whenever there is an item that is marked En Route or Returning to your library that has been marked that way on Processing Needed for more than two weeks, there are a number of things you should do to troubleshoot:

1) First confirm that the item actually left the library of its last location (either the supplying library at the beginning of the loan, or the requesting library when the item was returned) and is not actually sitting on a shelf somewhere. If the item still is not found, confirm the date the item was picked up by the LORI driver (if known). If it has been more than two weeks, proceed to Step 2.

2) Report the item as missing using the OLIS form at the LORI Delivery Help Desk below. The SLMS who last had the item in hand should be the one to complete the form. Be sure to include item title, author, ISBN, description, date of pickup, and the LORI codes of libraries involved. (Go to to look up LORI delivery codes.)

3) If Steps 1 and 2 do not yield the return of the missing item, then the only remaining option is to mark the item as lost.

For En Route items: first delete the ILL request in the patron record, then pull up the title in Circulation > Copy Status and click the Mark Lost button on the right.

For Returning Items: Click the "Remove" button next to the item on the Processing Needed page. Only click "Remove" if you intend to mark the item as lost. Do not click "Remove" just to try to "fix" the Returning status or to remove the hold record from Processing Needed. Once "Remove" is clicked, an alert message will open that asks for confirmation to mark the item as lost. Be sure to click "Yes" to continue. If the item later turns up in delivery, scan its barcode and an option will appear to add the item back into the collection.

4) Please remember that, as participating LORI members, each RILINK member library that participates in interlibrary loan is bound by the terms of the LORI ILL Code. The LORI ILL code obligates the borrowing library to fulfill requests (invoices) for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items per the discretion of the loaning library. Please see the LORI ILL Code at the following link for more information. 

Check Your Destiny© Site Configuration Settings

With time and experience, RILINK members and staff have discovered a number of important tips and tricks to make your RICAT holds and ILL processing run more smoothly. Please be sure to review the Destiny© Site Configuration tab above for more information.

Updates will be posted whenever Destiny© upgrades -- or savvy suggestions -- warrant new information.

The Latest ILL Training Guide

If you missed the most recent ILL training session, or need a refresher, visit the guide below.

Need More Resource Sharing Options?

If you've tried to request an item (or set of items) from other RILINK members and are not having any luck or can't get all the copies you need, try LORI ILL or the OLIS ILL Clearinghouse.

Watch Out for the Gob-ILL-ins!

The attached document addresses some Destiny© glitches and includes some important, easy-to-overlook reminders about holds and ILL processing. Better to be safe than sorry! Review it and print a copy for reference.

Please contact RILINK Staff f you'd like to share your own tips and tricks for possible inclusion in future updates of this document.

Check RICAT Holdings First

Before placing an interlibrary loan request, always double-check your own catalog holdings first. Interlibrary loan requests may be placed at other RILNK sites only if your own holdings are unavailable (or if additional copies are needed). 

If you find a listing at another RILINK site, but can't place a hold on it, that means that the RILINK copies listed are held only by school libraries that are not yet participating in interlibrary loan, or have been specified as not available for interlibrary loan.

Once you have confirmed that materials you need are available in RICAT, you may place a hold on behalf of a patron, or you may allow patrons to place their own holds if your RICAT site has been set up for that (please contact RILINK Staff for assistance with that). Please select the appropriate page tab from the navigation menu above for further instructions.

If you can't find what you are looking for within RICAT, or you need more copies than are available, try placing requests through LORI ILL. If no copies are available that way, try the OLIS FirstSearch ILL Clearinghouse.

Please be aware that we must always borrow any available materials from within RILINK first before we are allowed to try borrowing from other LORI network libraries.

Launch RICAT

LORI Delivery Help Desk

Report delivery issues (and order additional delivery bins) at this link on the OLIS website:

For questions about RICAT ILL procedures, please contact Zach Berger using the contact information elsewhere on this page, or contact any member of RILINK staff for assistance. Contact information is available in the RILINK Staff box on the About RILINK page.


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