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Interlibrary Loan Portal: RILINK Email Accounts

Use this page as the starting point for accessing information about RICAT ILL, reporting ILL statistics, requesting Delivery on Demand, LORI membership, and more.

How to Set Up Automatic Forwarding from RILINK Email Accounts


Please read this important message!

Dedicated RILNK email accounts are assigned to RILINK member libraries, not to individuals. RILINK staff must be able to access these email accounts in the event of troubleshooting, absence, or changes in personnel. In light of this:

1) Please do not change the password assigned to the account. If prompted to do so, please stop trying to access the account and contact RILINK staff for assistance.

2) Please do not activate the "provide your mobile number" verification step if prompted to do so by Gmail. Simply click "skip" or "done" depending on which option is presented. Please see the Screen Shots tab above for more information. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you are unable to skip this step, please complete the RILINK Help Request Form.

If when logging into your library's RILINK email account you encounter a request to enter a phone number for verification, and you did not set this up yourself, please complete the RILINK Help Request Form and include your school library name and LORI code.

To avoid activating phone verification for RILINK email accounts, simply click the "done" or "skip" button when prompted, depending on which screen is presented:

RILINK Email Accounts FAQ

To ask additional questions that do not appear here, please complete the RILINK Help Request Form.

Q1. Which RILINK member libraries have a dedicated RILINK email account?

A1. All RILINK member libraries have and will receive access to a RILINK email account. Member libraries that already participate in interlibrary loan should have already received email account login information. Member libraries that do not yet participate in interlibrary loan should use RILINK email addresses for emailing student notices through Destiny. Please see this page of our site for more information on emailing notices.

Q2. Who hosts the RILINK email accounts?

A2. The accounts are hosted through the Google Apps for Education account of RILINK's fiduciary partner, the East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC). All accounts are subject to Google and EBEC terms of service.

Q3. How do I access my RILINK email account?

A3. The accounts are Gmail accounts and can be accessed by going to any Gmail login page. Try

Q4. How and when will I receive my login information?

A4. If your RILINK email account login information is not sent to you by RILINK staff shortly after your school library joins RILINK, please complete the RILINK Help Request Form to request that the account be set up. A RILINK staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q5. What is the purpose of the RILINK email addresses?

A5. The addresses are used to disseminate important information about interlibrary loan services and delivery, and to make inquiries for troubleshooting purposes. Accounts are also used for other purposes as determined by RILINK staff.

Q6. Who uses the RILINK email addresses?

A6. RILINK members, RILINK staff, and Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) staff. Each RILINK email address also will be automatically subscribed to the RILINK listserv.

Q7. How will OLIS staff use the RILINK email addresses?

A7. The email addresses will be included as the sole email point of contact for your school library as the place to which OLIS staff will send important notices about LORI services and delivery. A link to the current list of LORI contacts is available at the bottom of this FAQ section. 

Q8. Does that mean that I will only receive ILL-related emails at my RILINK email address?

A8. No. You might receive ILL-related emails at the school email address listed for you in the RILINK Directory. It is important to regularly check all email addresses associated with your school library, including the RILINK email address. Please submit any changes to RILINK Directory information via the link at the bottom of this FAQ section.

Q9. Is use of the RILINK email account voluntary?

A9. No. All current RILINK member libraries should regularly check the email account, especially libraries with LORI membership/certification, for reasons indicated above.

Q10. May I forward the email messages that arrive in my library's RILINK email account to another email address?

A10. Yes. You are free to arrange for forwarding of RILINK email account messages to the email address of your choice, according to the specifications of the email client you use, as long as any emails that are sent to the RILINK email address are responded to in a timely manner. Once you setup the forwarding, you should not need to continue checking the RILINK email account, as long as the forwarding process is working properly. Please view the screencast at the top of this page for more information. Google also provides instructions for setting up email forwarding here

Please note: if you forward email from your RILINK email account to the same email account listed in the RILINK Directory, you will likely receive duplicate RILINK listserv posts, since both the RILINK email account and the RILINK Directory email account are both automatically subscribed to the listserv. To request that your RILINK Directory email account be unsubscribed to the RILINK listserv, please complete the RILINK Help Request Form

Q11. Why can't all ILL-related emails just go to my regular school email address as listed in the RILINK Directory?

A11. RILINK staff cannot access individual school email accounts (nor would we want to). There must be a dedicated email account that RILINK staff can access in the event of personnel change, absence, and ILL-related troubleshooting.

Q12. I forgot the password and/or login information for my RILINK email account. What should I do?

A12. Please complete the RILINK Help Request Form and include your name and contact information, your school name, and your school LORI code if you know it. RILINK staff will get back in touch with you with your login information within 24 hours.

Q13. May I upgrade my RILINK email account to a Google+ account?

A13. No. At the present time, these accounts cannot be upgraded to Google+ accounts. If this status changes, all account holders will be notified.