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Interlibrary Loan Portal: Delivery on Demand

Use this page as the starting point for accessing information about RICAT ILL, reporting ILL statistics, requesting Delivery on Demand, LORI membership, and more.


OLIS's Delivery on Demand (DOD) service for LORI libraries is to be used only by RILINK member libraries that have been placed by OLIS on the DOD schedule for interlibrary loan (ILL) delivery service. The list of libraries on the OLIS schedule is updated with school libraries each year when the school year starts or as other schedule changes are warranted at the discretion of OLIS staff.

Find your library on the delivery schedule. If the letters DOD appear in the DOD column next to your library name, your library is on the DOD schedule and you must use the DOD service to request a pickup of interlibrary loan items that need to leave your library. (Items that are being sent to your library will be automatically delivered.) DOD stops are made one day per week at each DOD library.


  • Libraries that are not on the DOD schedule may not request DOD service
  • It is the responsibility of the DOD library where the ILL item is being picked up to use the DOD request form to place the request for pickup
  • Requests for pickup should only include the following two scenarios:
    • You are supplying (sending out) item(s) to another library
    • You are returning (sending out) item(s) to another library
  • ‚ÄčThe LORI delivery vendor makes DOD stops one day per week at each DOD library
  • DOD pickup requests may be placed at anytime using the online DOD request form
  • DOD requests cannot be made by telephone 
  • Generally speaking, DOD request form submissions placed before 12:00pm will be picked up on the next business day
  • Do not submit more than one DOD request form per week
  • Submit only one DOD request form per week even if you have multiple outgoing items to multiple libraries
  • Additional items may be added to the delivery bin after the DOD request form has been submitted and before the LORI delivery driver has picked up the bin; do not place a new DOD form request for each additional item
  • Please be sure your items are packaged and ready for pickup when you submit the DOD request
  • Do not forget to complete the appropriate RICAT processing for each item that goes into the delivery bin
  • Do not forget to record interlibrary loan statistics for each DOD item
  • Report delivery issues using this form on the OLIS website 
  • No DOD form submission action is required on your part when you or your patrons are placing interlibrary loan requests to borrow from other libraries

Please contact RILINK Staff if you have questions about the information on this page.


Place DOD Request

Please do not place a DOD request until you have read the "Read Me First!" box on this page.

To place a DOD request, complete the DOD Request form at the link below:

LORI Delivery Best Practices

Please make sure to use the most updated LORI delivery slips for ILL deliveries. The current template is posted at the OLIS website below.

At the above link, scroll down to "Delivery slips and labels templates". Choose either the Slips PDF format or the Slips MS Word format. The Word file can be saved to your computer and edited to enter your 3-letter LORI Code at the bottom of the slip. The PDF version requires handwriting your LORI Code at the bottom of each slip. Please print the slips on plain white paper. There should be 4 delivery slips per page.

Please review the best practices and packaging guidelines at the OLIS website links below.

When filling and shipping ILL requests, please always put some form of patron identifying information on the LORI delivery slip. 

But! Please be mindful of protecting patron confidentiality.  Many schools have very strict rules that prohibit publishing any student-identifying information outside of controlled school environments. When filling out the delivery slip, please consider writing in the patron barcode ID number (instead of the patron name) from the patron record in RICAT. The patron ID number is easily available with one click on the patron icon (the eyeglasses) next to the patron's name on Processing Needed. Right-click on the patron icon to open the patron's Holds screen in a new tab, and look for the Patron ID at the top of the page. Write the ID on the LORI delivery slip, then close the patron's Holds tab to return to Processing Needed without losing your place. And remember: it is not only your own school's confidentiality rules that apply; the rules at the receiving school also apply.

Please do always legibly and correctly fill out the LORI Code for the destination at the top of the slip, and write the date on the slip when you place it into the bin. Having the date on the slip can be important for troubleshooting purposes down the road.