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Interlibrary Loan Portal: Overdue ILLs and Missing Items

Use this page as the starting point for accessing information about RICAT ILL, reporting ILL statistics, requesting Delivery on Demand, LORI membership, and more.

What Should I Do about Overdue ILL Items?

All RILINK member libraries that participate in interlibrary loan do so by virtue of LORI membership and certification. The Rhode Island Interlibrary Loan Code stipulates in section 4.12 that "The borrowing library shall meet costs of repair and replacement in accordance with the preferences of the lending library, if the material is damaged or lost" and, in section 7.3, that "Interlibrary loan material shall be returned promptly." All RILINK members who participate in interlibrary loan are bound by this code. Please visit the link below to view the LORI ILL Code.

School libraries are very busy places, and (as we all know too well) many libraries have staffing shortages or part-time staff who manage multiple spaces. Budgets are stretched, yet access to resources is as important as ever. Every effort to return borrowed items on time is greatly appreciated. 

If there is an unresolved issue with an overdue interlibrary loan item, the first (and best) course of action is to make direct contact with the library staff at the borrowing school to discuss the issue. Please look up contact information at the following link:

Should there continue to be an issue or lack of resolution regarding overdue (or lost or damaged) interlibrary loan items, please contact Zach (or Dorothy or Sharon) for assistance. That's part of our job, and we are happy to help resolve the issue in a timely and respectful manner for all parties involved. Our contact information is available at the About Us page below.

Troubleshooting Missing ILL Items

Whenever there is an item that is marked En Route or Returning to your library for more than two weeks, there are a number of things you should do to troubleshoot:

1) First confirm that the item actually left the library of its last location (either the supplying library at the beginning of the loan, or the requesting library when the item was returned) and is not actually sitting on a shelf somewhere. If the item is not found, confirm the date the item was picked up by the LORI driver (if known). If it has been more than two weeks, proceed to Step 2.

2) Report the item as missing using the OLIS form below. The SLMS who last had the item in hand should be the one to complete the form. Be sure to include item title, author, ISBN, description, date of pickup, and the LORI codes of libraries involved. (Go to to look up LORI delivery codes.)

3) If Steps 1 and 2 do not yield the return of the missing item, then the only remaining option is to mark the item as lost.

For En Route items: first delete the ILL request in the patron record, then pull up the title in Circulation > Copy Status and click the Mark Lost button on the right.

For Returning Items: Click the "Remove" button next to the item on the Processing Needed page. Only click "Remove" if you intend to mark the item as lost. Do not click "Remove" just to try to "fix" the Returning status or to remove the hold record from Processing Needed. Once "Remove" is clicked, an alert message will open that asks for confirmation to mark the item as lost. Be sure to click "Yes" to continue. If the item later turns up in delivery, scan its barcode and an option will appear to add the item back into the collection.

4) Please remember, as participating LORI members, each RILINK member library that participates in interlibrary loan is bound by the terms of the LORI ILL Code. The LORI ILL code obligates the borrowing library to fulfill requests (invoices) for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items per the discretion of the loaning library. Please see the LORI ILL Code at the following link for more information. 


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