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Resource Sharing: Interlibrary Loan Basics Using Destiny©: Welcome to ILL!

October 10, 2013 at Hampden Meadows School.


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RILINK's Mission

Tour of Interlibrary Loan Portal, including:

-ILL Guidelines ("Big Six" of ILL) and LORI ILL Code

-ILL email accounts

-Delivery on Demand (DOD)

-Interlibrary loan statistics

-Reporting delivery problems

-Important OLIS/LORI website links

-LORI (re)certification

-Basic RICAT ILL processes

Demonstration of basic RICAT ILL Processes

-Processing Needed tour

-Placing requests as a student

-Placing requests on behalf of a student/staff member

-Approving requests

-Processing requests (receiving loans, checking out loans, checking in loans)

-Filling requests for other schools

-RICAT Site Configurations

How to save and print LORI delivery slips and pack loans for delivery

**Ask questions anytime**

Checklist: Things to Review before Starting Interlibrary Loan

[ ] Interlibrary loan training from RILINK staff

[ ] *LORI certification is current

*Check here: 

To review your library's LORI certification schedule, check here

[ ] *Activate ILL request form

*Note: only LORI-certified RILINK members who have never before participated in interlibrary loan need to submit this form

[ ] Order LORI delivery bin(s)

[ ] Confirm LORI delivery schedule

[ ] ILL Guidelines and LORI ILL Code

[ ] ILL Email Account

[ ] Delivery on Demand (DOD)

[ ] ILL Stats

[ ] LORI Delivery Incident Report Form

[ ] RICAT ILL Processes

[ ] Place hold for patron

[ ] Train patrons to place holds

[ ] RICAT Site Configurations

[ ] Set up ILL work station and ILL stats binder

[ ] Print LORI delivery slips


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Zach Berger
RILINK Member Services Librarian