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Tab Navigation Layout: Page Layout Options

When Tab Layout is used for Guide Navigation, both preset and custom widths for columns are available under Layout on the Page level edit bar.  Clicking on a specific present option will change the number of columns and their widths on the active page only.   NOTE:  Content on the page will shift to the left.  You will need to move the boxes to the desired placement by opening the Page menu.


If "Custom Column Widths" is chosen, the desired number of columns must be selected and the column sizes adjusted to the desired width by dragging the squares on the bar.  Remember to click Save when done.


Side-Nav Navigation Layout

In the Side-Nav layout option, there is only one layout option. As pages are added, they are listed down the left side in a vertically-stacked navigation menu. Page content is added to the single fixed column to the right of the navigation menu.  Additional content may be added underneath the menu of pages on the left side but may move out the view of the browser window unless the user scrolls down the page.