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Beyond Help: General Help

I need help

Documenting a problem in Destiny

How can you document a problem that you are seeing in Destiny?  Well, you could just describe it in an email or phone call, the more details the better.


You could

for PCs

  1. Open a Word document.
  2. Go Back to the Destiny page that has the problem.
  3. Hold down the [Shift] key and then press the [PrtScn] key to make a copy of the screen.  (Nothing seems to happen.) 
  4. Go back to the Word document.  Hold down the [Crtl] key and press the [v] key to paste a copy of the screen into the Word document.
  5. Press the [->] key to move off the screen image that you just pasted, and then press the [Enter] key to move to the next line.
  6. If you wish, add text to further describe your problem or question.
  7. Save the Word document in a place where you can get to it, and with a name that you will remember.
  8. Start an email message to Dorothy, Sharon or Zach, using a subject for the message that indicates you need help, and adding any text in the message that will provide additional information about the problem or question.
  9. IMPORTANT:  Attach the Word document that you made to the message.
  10. Send the message, and wait for a reply.

For Apple devices

  1. On the Destiny page that has the problem, hold down the [Command]+[Shift]+[3] keys simultaneously and the screen shot will be added to the desktop as a PNG file, which can then be attached to an email.
  2. Start an email message to Dorothy, Sharon or Zach, using a subject for the message that indicates you need help, and adding any text in the message that will provide additional information about the problem or question.
  3. IMPORTANT:  Attach the PNG that you made to the message.
  4. Send the message, and wait for a reply.


Email addresses:

Help pages

How do I?

How do I add Follett eBooks from the RILINK district FollettShelf (BookLynx) to my library's FollettShelf and Destiny catalog?

  1. Log in with a username that has the Library Administrator or Administrator Access Level.
  2. On the Catalog tab, click on Search Setup in the left-hand column.
  3. On the resulting page, click on Digital in the upper right-hand corner under the green bar.
  4. On the resulting page, click on 
  5. In the new window that opens, click on Maintenance in the left-hand column.
  6. From the drop-down list that appears, choose Title Maintenance.
  7. The RILINK district titles should appear first in the resulting list.  If they don't, you can re-sort the list by clicking on District at the top of the left-hand column.  Then sort the list by Date Added to see the newest titles added.  You can also sort by any of the other column headings, including grade level.
  8. Scroll through the list, and unclick the box in the Hidden column for any titles that you want to add to your library's FollettShelf and Destiny catalog.
  9. As you finish with each page, click on [Save] in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.  You may need to sort again to continue your search for titles.
  10. Close the Setup window and confirm to go back to Destiny.
  11. To have the new titles that you selected appear right away, click on on the Digital Setup page, and Destiny will produce a Report in your Back Office when the Update is finished.  If you don’t click on update , then the new titles will not appear until the next automatic eBook update, usually within the next 24 hours.

How can my students request interlibrary loans in Destiny Discover?

Here's how to enable your students using Destiny Discover to place interlibrary loan requests in this interface without going to Destiny Classic.  You can make this same change for any other Access Levels, such as Teacher, that you want to give the ability to place ILL requests in Destiny Discover. This feature is not currently available with any of the new themes.  You will still need to approve each request by using the Needs Processing arrow.

  1. Go to the Back Office in Destiny Classic and click on Access Levels in the left-hand column.
  2. Choose to edit (pencil symbol) the Patron (default) Access Level.
  3. On the first tab, called Library Materials, click the box to the left of Search all library sites through Destiny Discover,  which is in the left-hand column under Library Catalog Search Access under the heading Search Using Destiny Discover, which must also be checked.
  4. Remember to Save your changes.
  5. In order to see this change in Destiny Discover as a student, the student would need to log out and then log in again after the change in Step 3 was completed and Saved.

A student searching in Destiny Discover will only see the holdings in your library, unless they click on the + sign to the right of the Search box.  Clicking on the + will show them the following list of choices:

Use the drop-down list under locations to choose the scope of your search.

Check in and Check out are slow

If you are experiencing slow response time in check in and check out, please try changing the following setting:
  1. Go to your Back Office.
  2. Click on Site Configuration.
  3. Click on the Circulation tab under the wide green stripe towards the top of the page.
  4. Under Library Options, go down to the setting [ ] Turn on Ready Scan Check In functionality.  If it’s checked, uncheck it.  If it’s not checked, check it.
  5. Click on Save near the top right hand of the page.

Find your school's Public IP Address

You can find your school's public IP address by opening a browser on a computer in the library, and going to
Then email your school's name and the public IP address to me, OFF LIST at

Refer to a Resource List or title record outside of Destiny

You can link directly to a Resource Listtitle record, eBook or directly to your eBook collection from another web page--for example, from LibGuides.​

  • Resource List:

To refer or email a link to a Resource List that you created in Destiny:

  1. Create your Resource List and make it published locally.
  2. View the list to get the list ID number from the URL.
  3. Find the site number for your site.
  4. Replace the site number and the list ID number in this sample:


You should be able to email the resulting link or use it on a web page, and it will go directly to your Resource List.



replacing the text shaded in yellow with your library's site number. as in this example:


You should be able to use the resulting link to refer to a title in your Destiny catalog from another web page.

  • Link to Open an individual eBook
    • Log out and find the eBook title that you want to link to in the Destiny Classic interface.
    • Right click and copy and paste in a Word or text file the URL link address for the [Open] button next to the title. For a WorldBook eBook, this is the link you can use to link from another site.  If the person clicking on the link is accessing it from a Rhode Island location, they should not be asked for a password, and the book will open.  If the eBook is a title or subscription from another vendor, you can still use the link, but the user will be asked for a username and password to access the title unless you have set up IP authentication for that vendor and the user is at school.  If the eBook is a Follett eBook, there is something that you will need to add to the URL that you copied.  The URL you copied should look something like this:



  • To make the URL to link directly to the Follett eBook from outside Destiny, edit the URL to add the site address plus an "&" to the address you copied, using the same number that appears at the end of the URL that you saved.  Put this into the URL as indicated in the example below.  The text you are adding is highlighted in yellow, and should be added immediately after the "?".



  • Use the URL to link to the eBook.  Users will still be asked to log in if the eBook is a Follett eBook.  If you have added your school's public IP address to the FollettShelf Access Level settings, users should not be asked for a login if they are accessing the eBook from school.   
To go directly to Universal Search for your school, which shows all of the eBooks on the initial screen, use the following link, replacing the site number highlighted in yellow with the number for your school's Destiny site.  Find the site number for your site.

There is now a BookLynx icon in Images in the Shared folder under Destiny and Follett in the site if you want to use it for the link.

  • In Destiny Classic
  1. Create a new public (your site only) Resource List called eBooks.
  2. In your Catalog tab, Narrow your Search to Electronic Books using the drop-down menu.
  3. Click in the Find box. and then press [Enter] on your keyboard.
  4. Click on [Show All] to display the entire list.
  5. Make sure that the eBooks Resource List is the selected list, and then click on .
  6. View the list to get the list ID number from the URL.
  7. Find the site number for your site.
  8. Replace the site number and the list ID number in this sample:


​​You should be able to email the resulting link or use it on a web page, and it will go directly to your eBook Resource List.

FollettShelf or eBook problems?

Follett BryteWave Tech Specs

Follett Support: 1-877-873-2764

I can't hear Circulation sounds when using Chrome

If you can’t hear Circulation sounds when accessing Destiny with Chrome, here is something that Follett posted that you can try. It has worked successfully for at least two of us. You will probably need to have admin privileges on your computer to do it.

"If you use Chrome for Windows, with Destiny 11.0:

You will want to install the VLC plug-in to ensure that circulation sounds play properly. To check if it’s already installed, type chrome://plugins into the address bar in Chrome, find VLC Web Plugin, and make sure it’s enabled.

If it is not installed, you can download it from When you install VLC, it asks you to choose which components to install. If you want to use VLC solely as a Chrome plugin, deselect everything except Media Player, Mozilla Plugin, and ActiveX plugin."

How can I find how-to videos in Destiny online Help?

To get a list of all the videos in Destiny online Help, search for "watch videos" in quotes.