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Beyond Help: One Search

What's available through One Search?

Log into Destiny, and click on Help in the upper right-hand corner.  Search for [One Search Overview].  On the resulting page, click on the link to view all the supported One Search databases.  If you are logged in, the link below will take you directly to this list.  All of the databases that you can set up in OneSearch are listed. If a "translator" for a particular database is currently being updated, the list will tell you that this database is temporarily unavailable through One Search.

How to set up One Search

Here’s how to provide links to the resources in, free resources on the web, plus your own video-streaming and online database subscriptions.

  1. If you haven't already done so, you will need to turn on OneSearch in the Site Configuration|Site Info tab in your site's Back Office (remember to Save).  Your Follett customer number must be in the Site Customer Number box.  (Screen shot
  2. If you want students and teachers who are not logged in to be able to use One Search, you will also need to check  Search One Search as Guest  in the Guest Access Level in your Back Office.  You must also edit any other Access Levels that you want to see One Search results.  Choose the Teacher setting for Teachers, so that they will see the databases that you set up for them to access using One Search. (screen shot)
  3. Then set up OneSearch in the Catalog tab by clicking on Search Setup at the bottom of the left-hand column. Under Enriched Content Searches, choose OneSearch from the options listed, and add the databases that you want to include.  (If the list of available databases does not display the first time, close the empty window, and choose to edit OneSearch Database Information again.)  One Search comes with free, preloaded databases to get you started. You can change the default list by adding or editing databases and removing them.  If a particular database has already been set up for your site, you can find and edit the settings for it by clicking on Edit Databases.  If you are adding a database that hasn't already been set up for your site, click on Add Databases.  You can add any of the free databases, any databases to which you subscribe, or any options for World Book or EBSCO that are available through  (screen shot)  Choose the database or group of databases that you want to Add or Edit.
  4. When you choose a database or group of databases, a new screeen will open.  For any database in a group that you want to add, you must select it by checking the box in the left-hand column.  (screen shot) If you want the database to be added to the links in Destiny Discover, you will also need to check that column.  You can also choose to make a database available only to teachers, and not students.  Note that links added to Destiny Discover by One Search will use the button logos assigned by Follett, cannot be edited, and will appear in the beginning left-hand position in the display.  (Currently on 1/24/2021 you cannot change the order of the links.) You can choose to display links at the top of the Destiny Discover page as well as in the Links carousel.  As you can with any other carousel, you can move the links carousel to any position relative to the other carousels, including eBooks, Audiobooks, Topics, Recently Added, etc.  (screen shot)
  5. Important note:  There are a number of options to be considered when selecting a database to be included for searches using OneSearch in your library.  Be very selective about the databases that you want to Preset as a selected search in Destiny Discover, as they will appear in the Links ribbon in the first positions in the list.  Databases that are preset as selected will be searched EVERY TIME a search is done in your catalog, with the results displayed on the OneSearch tab.   You will want to preset as selected only those databases that will be most useful to your students.  Having too many choices in the search results can be more confusing than helpful.  Databases that you want to have available, but not searched every time, should not have this option checked.  Databases that you choose, but that are not preset as selected are available on the Power Search tab in the Destiny Back Office Catalog tab. (screen shot)

  6.  If you want students and teachers who are not logged in to be able to access a particular database, you must choose the option to Allow Guests to use the database.  (screen shot) You can also choose to let students or teachers WHO ARE LOGGED IN, to see search results from a particular database by selecting the corresponding option.  Guests should not be granted access to any of the databases for which your library has a subscription agreement for access only by your school's students, teachers, and staff.

  7. Parameters that you will need to set up World Book and EBSCO databases that are available through AskRI are listed elsewhere on this page.


Additional links

EBSCO databases available through AskRI

The username for EBSCO databases in One Search is in this format:  [CustomerID].Main.eitws, for example:  ns145913.Main.eitws   The password for almost every RILINK member is ebs5173.  Find your CustomerID.

EBSCO databases from AskRI that can be added to One Search in Destiny:

under Enyclopedias

  • EBSCO - Funk and Wagnalls

under Reference Databases

  • EBSCO - Academic Search Elite
  • EBSCO - Consumer Health Complete
  • EBSCO - GreenFILE
  • EBSCO - History Reference Center
  • EBSCO -Library, Information Science, & Technology
  • EBSCO - Literary Reference Center
  • EBSCO - MasterFILE Premier
  • EBSCO - Middle Search Plus
  • EBSCO - NoveList
  • EBSCO - Points of View Reference Center
  • EBSCO - Primary Search
  • EBSCO - Teacher Reference Center
  • EBSCO - TOPICsearch

Please do not add any other EBSCO databases UNLESS your library has its own subscription. 

Customer IDs for EBSCO


WorldBook databases from AskRI that can be added to One Search in Destiny:

  • Kids
  • Student
  • Advanced
  • Discover
  • Activity Corner
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
  • L'Encyclopedia Decouverte

You can add or remove databases by going to the Catalog tab, and clicking on Search Setup at the bottom of the left-hand column.  Then click on Enriched Content Searches.  Click on Edit to the right of One Search Database Information.   Clicking on Add Databases will let you add new ones that are available through AskRI or your own library’s subscriptions. Clicking on Edit Databases will let you Remove those databases that are no longer available through AskRI or your own library’s subscriptions.  To add new World Book databases from the AskRI subscriptions as listed above, the username is rilink and the password is stars.

Note:  Early People, Inventions and Discoveries, and Living Green are no longer available as separate databases.  Their content has been included in the various grade level databases listed above.

The following databases are available directly at AskRI, but CANNOT be added to OneSearch:

To find out more about the databases available, especially the ones marked (new) above, and how to use them with your students and teachers, visit the World Book Web Training Site.

Links to Free Databases available through One Search

Use the links below to explore options for adding free databases to your site's One Search setup.  Note:  if you don't see a resource listed below when you go to One Search setup, it may be Under Construction for updates (see the Follett website for the current list of available databases and their status for One Search). 

  • - online expert content, geared more toward older students
  • Ask Dr. Math (Searcher)
  • - answers to questions in everyday, natural language
  • Atlapedia Online - full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  • Awesome Library - Current, child-safe, useful links for teachers, kids, teens, parents and librarians, including actual documents, projects, pictures, and discussion groups
  • - the classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference, including quotations and poetry anthologies
  • Canoe.CA - local and national Canadian news and entertainment
  • CIA World Fact Book
  • CK-12 FlexBooks Library  - CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content
  • Currikilearning and teaching content from diverse content providers and educators from around the world
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
  • Discovery Channel
  • Discovery Kids
  • Encyclopedia of Earth - the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society
  • ERIC - Education Resource Information Center
  • Exploring Nature - good source for natural science content and materials for elementary students, educators, students, and parents
  • Fact Monster - from Information Please - almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - teaching and learning resources from the federal government, includes primary resources
  • finding Dulcinea - all about the Web and finding the best most reliable information, organized by topic
  • Five Systems
  • History Channel
  • HowStuffWorks - new explanations and tips for middle and high school students and their teachers
  • Internet Archive - All
  • Internet Archive - Audio
  • Internet Archive - Live Music Archive
  • Internet Archive - Texts
  • Internet Public Library
  • Khan Academy
  • KidsClick
  • KidsHealth
  • KnowMia - Algebra
  • KnowMia - Algebra 2 and Trigonometry
  • KnowMia - American Literature
  • KnowMia - Biology
  • KnowMia - Calculus
  • KnowMia - Chemistry
  • KnowMia - Computer Science
  • KnowMia - Cosmology and Astronomy
  • KnowMia - Developmental Math
  • KnowMia - Earth Science
  • KnowMia - European History
  • KnowMia - French
  • KnowMia - General Science
  • KnowMia - Geography
  • KnowMia - Geometry
  • KnowMia - Grammar
  • KnowMia - Linear Algebra
  • KnowMia - Mandarin Chinese
  • KnowMia - Physics
  • KnowMia - Pre-Algebra
  • KnowMia - Pre-Calculus
  • KnowMia - Programming
  • KnowMia - Spanish
  • KnowMia - Statistics and Probability
  • KnowMia - Tinkering
  • KnowMia - U.S. Civic Studies
  • KnowMia - U.S. History
  • KnowMia - Web Development
  • KnowMia - World History
  • KnowMia - World Literature
  • KnowMia - Writing Skills
  • Library of Congress - Americas Story from Americas Library
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog - American Memory
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog -
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog - National Jukebox
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog - Pictures
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog - Web Pages
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MedlinePlus
  • Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary
  • Merriam-Websters Learners Dictionary
  • Merriam-Websters Word Central Dictionary
  • Merriam-Websters Word Central Rhyming
  • Merriam-Websters Word Central Thesaurus
  • NASA
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Kids
  • National Library of Medicine
  • National Science Digital Library
  • NOLO
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Sno-Isle Libraries
  • SportQuest
  • Sweet Search
  • TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia
  • The Orange Grove (Florida Digital Library)
  • Wikipedia
  • Windows to the Universe
  • Wisconsin Ideas