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Beyond Help: Barcodes

What is my barcode format?

Possibilities for RICAT libraries are:

Follett Classic - T plus less than 8 digits. May be used along with ONE of the other two formats listed below

Code 39, mod 43 - 14 digits, including material type and location code, uses letters and numbers, with a check digit

Code 39, mod 10 - 14 digits, including material type and location code, uses only numbers, zero through 9, with a check digit

What is a check digit?

A check digit is used to verify that the other digits in the barcode have been read correctly. It is calculated, using a formula, from the other digits in the barcode. If the check digit that is read at the end of the barcode equals the digit that is calculated from the other digits that have been read by the scanner, then the system knows that the barcode has been read completely and accurately.

Code 39, mod 43

Code 39, mod 10

How can find out what the check digit should be?

If your library is using

  • Follett Classic barcodes, there is no check digit
  • code 39, mod 10 barcodes, you can try guessing what the proper check digit should be, as there are only 10 possibilities, the digits zero through nine.
  • code 39, mod 43 barcodes, there are too many possibilities to guess.  Please go to .  Leave the other defaults, and check the box for Check Character.  Type the first 13 digits of the barcode in the Message to be encoded box, press Submit, and the full barcode string will appear in the box below, with the check digit at the end.  This will give the starting number for a barcode sequence to assign to a vendor, which can be recorded in your Destiny site's Back Office|Site Configuraton|Site Administration|Vendors.