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Beyond Help: Cataloging

RILINK Cataloging Guidelines

-Anyone who adds titles or copies to RICAT should be properly trained to do so

-All copy cataloging and original cataloging should be completed accurately

-Avoid creating duplicate title records whenever possible

-If your Add Title record search returns RICAT results that include the words RELAIS ILL in the title, DO NOT add your copies to this record. Results that include RELAIS ILL as part of the title are temporary records for one-time, one-school, one-patron Relais ILL requests only, and will be deleted after the Relais ILL item has been returned to the owning LORI library.

-Original cataloging should only be performed by library staff and never by volunteers, teachers, or students   

-The SLMS at each member RILINK library is the local authority for all matters pertaining to cataloging at her or his school

Importing a Vendor File

How to add titles and copies in Destiny

ALWAYS use the Add Title function in the box below.

Use the following order when searching for a matching record to add your copies.  Use the drop-down list to choose:

    • ISBN number   example:  1-932815-18-X   You MAY be able to scan this if there is a barcode on the back on the book.  Please note, however, that the ISBN printed on the back of the book may not be the number that is encoded in the barcode.  It may instead represent the publisher's stock number.  This is particularly true for paperbacks and materials from Scholastic.

    • Library of Congress number   example:  92-789998  This usually appears on the back (verso) of the Title page.  Some publishers put cataloging information at the back of the book rather than on the verso of the Title page.  National Geographic is one publisher that often does this.

    • Title

    • Author

Our goal is ONLY ONE bibliographic record to represent each title (though we realize we are far from meeting it), with all of the copies for various libraries listed under one title record.  Choose matching titles in the following order:

    • in RICAT databaseThis means that the title record is already in the database.  Click on the title, and then Add your Copies to it.  If there is more than one record with a , choose the most complete, or if they are all the same, the first record.

    • Follett AllianceThis means that the title record is coming from the Follett Alliance Plus database.  IF THERE ARE NO TITLE RECORDS THAT MATCH IN THE DATABASE (no s), click on this title and Add your Copies to it.  There is no need to Save the title first, as Destiny will do that automatically when you add a copy.

    • Other sourceThis means that the record is coming from the Library of Congress or from another large library or consortium.  Wait up to 60 seconds for these title records to appear, then click on Get Z Sources to see if there are any records that match your search.  If there are no records already in the RICAT database, and no Alliance Plus records, you may click on the most complete record and Add your Copies to it.

  • If you find No Matches, then you may Add the Title.  If you find a close match, you may duplicate the title, and then make the necessary changes.  Please make your entry as complete and descriptive as possible, adding ISBN numbers, Library of Congress numbers, and subject headings as appropriate.  The next person trying to add a copy of this title will be forever in your debt.


How to add an ISBN number to a MARC record

Here are the directions for adding another ISBN number to a MARC record in Destiny:
  1. Choose to edit the record that you want to add the ISBN number to.
  2. Click on the Use MARC editor button near the top right.
  3. Click on the Add Tag button. 
  4. Type 020 into the box after the word Insert.  (This is the tag for an International Standard Book Number.)
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Type the ISBN number that you are adding into the new box that has been added to the MARC record.
  7. Click on Save Title.
  8. Accept any suggested punctuation changes by clicking on the box in front of each one.  You can also accept all or none of the changes.
  9. Click on Save Title again.

Submit Cataloging Questions Here

Do you have general* RICAT cataloging questions? Please submit them in the box comments below, and we will include or adapt them for a future FAQ section on RICAT cataloging.

Some examples of general questions are:

  • When there are multiple title records in RICAT, which one should I choose when I am adding my own copies to the catalog?
  • What can a sub-location be used for?

*If you have specific cataloging issues or glitches that require more than general assistance, please send an email to and include your name, contact information, school name, and complete details about the nature of your issue.