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Beyond Help: Emailing patrons

How can I email overdues?

Please see important new note at the bottom !

If you are sending overdue notices to students, your district administrator will also need to add the domain to the list of domains that are permitted to send emails to the students.  If students cannot receive email from outside the district, emailing notices to students will not work.

If you are using Gmail to send your notices, you must make sure that the email address that you are sending them from has been set to allow "less secure apps" to use that email account.  The Destiny function that sends the overdue notices is considered a "less secure app" by Gmail.  To do this, log into your Gmail account from Google Chrome ( Then select Apps (waffle icon), and click on Account (first item in list),  Then click on Security in the resulting list.    Scroll down the page to get to [Less Secure App Access].  Then click to change from the default to the setting that allows "less secure apps".  Gmail will respond with the word "Updated".  (Click here to see what this process looks like,)

The address that you are sending notices from also must have permission to send bulk emails.  If you are using a district Gmail account, this is set by the administrator for your district.  

If you are emailing to homeroom teachers (you could also set up advisories as homerooms), you will need their email addresses entered into their patron records either by hand or by using a CSV (comma delimited) file. You will also need to assign each teacher as the Supervisor to their homeroom or advisory listed in your Back Office|Site Configuration|Site Administration.

To get specific directions about this process see Destiny online help and search for [manage homerooms]. Once you have entered their email addresses and set up the Homerooms with their Supervisors, you can choose to email notices and reports for current Checkouts/Fines and Holds for students to the Supervisor of their homeroom. Note: You need to have a Site Administrator Access Level to see Site Configuration listed in the left-hand column in the Back Office. If you don’t see it listed, try another log-in, or contact a RILINK staff member to have your Access Level changed, or an additional log-in established for your Destiny site.

If you are emailing directly to students and/or parents, their email addresses must be in each patron record.  You must also change the default FROM heading to something like "The ABC school library" and the default email address to an address that is authorized to send "bulk" emails, such as the ILL email address for your library, for example:  If your library is not doing interlibrary loan, and does not have an ILL email address, please contact us, so that we can set up an email account for your library if you do not have another email address that is authorized to send "bulk" emails.  If you are emailing notices to student accounts that cannot receive emails from outside the district, you MUST use your in-district email address, making sure that is authorized to send bulk emails, and that you have changed the default Gmail setting to use "less secure apps"  (see above), and that has been added to the authorized domains that can send emails.  Using your regular district or gmail address will not work if it does not have the proper authorizations and settings.  If the FROM address is not authorized to send "bulk" emails, RICAT defaults to the original values, and all your notices will go to your students and parents with the FROM line of "Your librarian via RICAT and RILINK" and an email address of If student accounts cannot receive email from, the email messages will not be delivered, and will show up as errors in the email account.  Following these directions will insure that emailed notices will come from your library.  Please test the email address that you are going to use; the test function is included on the last page of the notice setup.  If the test fails, the email address will revert back to its original setting.  Please Save and run the report, so that your email address gets saved.  If you don't Save the Report, the email address will revert back to the default.

Change the name of the address in the report that the emails are being sent from to Librarian (or your name) at (school), do not leave the default in the email notice set up that says "Your librarian via RICAT and RILINK".  Otherwise, we have to look up each patron barcode to see who to forward any email replies that do get through to

Setting up email notices

These are areas to pay attention to in developing a Report for notices that will be emailed:

Note for all emailed reports and notices: Change the defaults for Display Name and Email Address to your library: for example, From your librarian at Edgar Barrows You must use the ILL email address for your library.  If you don’t change the defaults, your notices look like they are coming from RILINK, and any replies are sent to RILINK (clogs up our inbox)!

What else can I email?

You can also email Hold Notices, which are listed in the Reports tab in Destiny under Library Reports, not Patron Reports:


If you want to email a Resource List to a student or teacher, first look up their email address.  If you don't know their email address, you can find it by editing their patron record in the Back Office if your patron records include email addresses.  You will have the address handy when you are asked for it.  If you are sending your email to only one person, you do not have to use your library's ILL email address - you can use your own local email address.

You can also send email, with a screen shot, to ask a question or get help with a Destiny problem.