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Beyond Help: Delete Expired Holds in Destiny Back Office

The status of interlibrary loan hold requests will change to Expired on your Processing Needed page depending on Back Office settings* and the duration of any outstanding loan that goes unfilled.

Expired holds can only be deleted by the supplying (owning) library to which the requested item belongs. If you see Expired items on your Processing Needed page and you are not the supplying (owning) library for the Expired title, contact the supplying library and request that item(s) be deleted by following the steps below.

To delete Expired holds, follow these 3 steps (can only be done by the supplying [owning] library):

1. Find the Expired record on Processing Needed and click the "View holds for this title" (eyeball) icon at the end of the red requesting library's name

2. Click the trash can on right for the Expired record you want to delete**

3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes

*Please be sure your Pending and Ready Holds expiration settings are set to a minimum of 35 days. Please see Destiny© Site Configuration Settings #3 on this page for more information.

**This step may also be used to reactivate Expired hold requests and must be performed by the supplying (owning) library.