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Beyond Help: Updating and emailing patrons


Uploading student pictures

There should be a file on the LifeTouch disk that looks something like this:
etc.  The first number is the student ID (barcode in Destiny); the picture name after the comma is the matching picture file.  If you don’t see a file that looks like this on the disk, let me know.  Sometimes the index file has more information than Destiny needs to match the pictures:  for example, it might also include the student names and/or home rooms.  If this is the case, you can send me the file, and I will pare it down to the essentials and send it back to you.
Once you have found the file described above, make a folder on your desktop and call it patron pictures.  Copy the file described above into this folder and rename it idlink.txt.  Then take a look at the listing for the rest of the files on the LifeTouch disk.  The .jpg (or they could be .gif or .png)  files you need will each be under 20 kb in size.  Copy these files to the folder that you created on your desktop.  Then zip the folder you created on your desk top.  If you don’t have the capability to make a zip file, a local tech expert should be able to help you out.  Once you have the zip file, log into Destiny, go to the Back Office, and select Upload Patron Pictures from the column on the left.  Then navigate and choose the zip file you created to upload into Destiny.  Be patient – it will probably still be a large file even though it’s zipped, and will take a few minutes to upload.  Once the file has finished uploading, Destiny will work in the background, processing your file.  When it has finished there will be a report in your Job Manager in the Back Office, telling you about the file you submitted, including any pictures that Destiny could not match to an existing patron barcode.