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Beyond Help: Barcode Scanners

General information about barcode scanners

You are NOT required to purchase barcode scanners through RILINK or from Follett in order to use them with your Destiny system; however, if you purchase from another vendor on your own, please specify that the scanner:  

must read barcodes for code 39 mod 10, code 39 mod 43, Follett Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN 10-digiit and ISBN 13-digit numbers.

Otherwise, you may not be able to use the scanner to do everything you want it to do with your Destiny site.  You may be able to program it yourself, but the correct settings are generally not easy to determine.

Current purchasing options through RILINK/Follett

For Follett barcode scanner options, click here.  RILINK periodically orders a group of corded barcode scanners for members.  You can place an order at  Please see the order form for current pricing and specifications.  Once you complete the order form, an invoice will be sent to you for a PO or check, depending on how you are paying for the scanner.

Click here to place an order through RILINK. Please contact Dorothy Frechette at or 573-0927 for questions about ordering, or to cancel your order.


Scanner programming

I have an old scanner, can I still use it?

* If you have an old barcode scanner that used to attach to your keyboard (two cables at one end), you MAY be able to get an adapter for it on EBay.  Search for a "USB PS2 Barcode Scanner Adapter".

* A big thank you to Cheryl Degnan for this suggestion.