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Beyond Help: Curriculum Tags

Genres (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

The variety of titles chosen that fall into this category ensure the style of literature is represented along with nonfiction and text formats.

Action & Adventure  American Literature  Animal Tales 
Authentic Literature  Autobiography  Biographical Fiction 
Biography  British Literature  Circular Story 
Classic Literature  Classic Retellings  Cumulative Tales 
Detective Story  Diary/Journal Fiction  Diary/Journal Nonfiction 
Drama  Dystopian  Epic 
Epistolary  Essay  Fable 
Fairy Tales  Fantasy  Folklore 
Folktale  Graphic Novel & Comics  Historical Document 
Historical Fiction  Horror & Ghost Stories  Humor 
Legend  Love & Romance  Magic 
Manga  Mash-Up  Memoir 
Mystery  Myth  Narrative Nonfiction 
Novels in Verse  Nursery Rhymes  Paranormal 
Parody  Picture Book  Play/Theater 
Poetry  Reader's Theatre  Realistic Fiction 
Satire  Science Fiction  Short Stories 
Sonnet  Speeches  Steampunk 
Stories in Verse  Tall Tale  Thriller 
Time Travel  Urban Fiction  Wordless 
World Literature 

Literacy, Foundational & Comprehension Skills (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

Specific skills can be taught using the materials selected for this area through text content, examples or supporting material within the title.

Allegory Literary Device  Alliteration Literary Device  Alternating Point of View 
Author's Voice Writing  Character Development Story E…  Classifying Comprehension 
Comparing & Contrasting Compr…  Drawing Conclusions Comprehen…  Figurative Language 
First Person Point of View  Flashback Literary Device  Foreshadowing Literary Device… 
Identifying Comprehension  Idioms  Inferring Comprehension 
Irony Literary Device  Key Ideas & Details Comprehen…  Making Connections Comprehens… 
Metaphor Literary Device  Multiple Point of View  Narrative Point of View 
Onomatopoeia Literary Device  Organization Writing  Personification Literary Devi… 
Phonemic Awareness  Phonics  Plot Story Element 
Predicting Comprehension  Print Concepts  Problem/Solution Comprehensio… 
Questioning Comprehension  Reading Fluency  Repetitive Text 
Rhyming  Second Person Point of View  Sentence Fluency Writing 
Setting Story Element  Sight Words  Simile Literary Device 
Strong Character  Third Person Point of View  Tier  Vocabulary High Freque… 
Tier  Vocabulary Content Are…  Unreliable Narrator Point of …  Visualizing Comprehension 
Word Choice Writing  Word Decoding  Writing Conventions 
Writing Traits 

Subjects & Themes (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

This area includes titles that support core content, educational topics and literary themes found in most K-12 curricula.

Adaptation Science  Addition  Adolescence 
Adoption  Afghan War  Africa 
African American  Agriculture  Algebraic Thinking & Operation… 
Alphabet  Alternative Family  Amphibians 
Anatomy & Physiology  Ancient Civilizations  Animal Migration 
Animal Rights  Animals  Anthropology 
Archaeology  Arithmetic  Art History 
Arts & Crafts  Asia  Asian American 
Astronomy  Australia & Oceania  Aviation 
Base Ten & Place Value  Baseball & Softball  Basketball 
Bible Stories  Biblical Studies  Biology/Life Science 
Biomes  Birds  Black Death th Century 
Bullying  Business  Calculus 
Canada  Cancer  Careers & Occupations 
Caribbean & Latin America  Caring & Kindness Character E…  Censorship 
Change Literary Theme  Change Over Time Subject  Character Education 
Chemistry  Child Labor  Children & War 
China Ancient Civilizations  Citizenship Character Ed  City 
Civics  Civil Rights  Climate 
Cloning  Cold War -  Colonial Life 
Colonial Period  Colors  Coming of Age Literary Theme 
Community  Computers & Technology  Conflict with Society Literar… 
Consequences of War Literary …  Cooking & Food  Corruption of Power Literary … 
Counting & Cardinality  Country Life  Courage Literary Theme 
Court Cases  Crime  Cultural Heritage 
Customs & Traditions  Date & Time  Dating & Sex 
Death & Dying  Deception Literary Theme  Depression 
Determination Literary Theme  Diet & Nutrition  Digital Literacy 
Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatu…  Disabilities & Disabled Person…  Disaster 
Discrimination  Diseases & Illnesses  Division Math 
Drug Trafficking  Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Abu…  Dust Bowl 
Earth Science  Earthquakes  Eating Disorders 
Ecology  Economics  Ecosystems 
Egypt Ancient Civilizations  Elections & Voting  Electricity 
Electronics  Emancipation Proclamation  Emotional Abuse 
Emotions & Feelings  Endangered Species  Energy 
Engineering  Environment  Environmental Conservation & P… 
Environmental Science & Ecosys…  Estimation  Europe 
Euthanasia  Exploration & Discovery  Extinction 
Fairness Character Ed  Family  Farm Animals 
Farm & Ranch Life  Fashion  Financial Literacy 
Fine Arts  Fish & Marine Life  Fitness & Exercise 
Food Chain/Food Web  Football  Forces & Motion Physics 
Foreign Language Study  Forensic Science  Fossils 
Foster Homes  Fractions  Friendship 
Functions Math  Genetics  Genocide 
Geographic Regions  Geography  Geology 
Geometry  Glaciers  Gold Rush 
Good vs. Evil Literary Theme  Government  Great Depression 
Greece Ancient Civilizations  Greed Literary Theme  Green Technology 
Grief & Loss  Gun Violence  Habitats 
Health & Daily Living  Heroes  Heroine/Strong Female Protagon… 
Heroism Literary Theme  Hibernation  Hispanic American 
Holidays & Celebrations  Holocaust  Homelessness 
Honesty  Hope Literary Theme  Human Body 
Human Impact on the Environmen…  Human Migration  Human Rights 
Identity Literary Theme  Immigration & Emigration  India Ancient Civilizations 
Industrial Age  Injuries  Injustice Literary Theme 
Insects  Internal Struggle Literary Th…  Internet Safety 
Interpersonal Relations  Inventions  Iraq War 
Isolation vs. Conformity Lite…  Japan Ancient Civilizations  Journey Literary Theme 
Judicial System  Justice Literary Theme  Korean War 
Landforms  Latin America  Law 
Learning Disabilities  LGBTQ  Life Cycles 
Life Skills  Literary Criticism  Living & Non-Living Things 
Magnetism  Mammals  Marriage & Divorce 
Martial Arts  Math Fiction  Measurement & Data 
Mental Health  Mental Illness  Mesopotamia Ancient Civilizat… 
Middle Ages  A.D.- A.D…  Middle East  Military 
Money & Currency  Multicultural  Multiplication Math 
Mummies  Music  Music History 
Mythology  Native Americans  Natural Disasters 
Natural Resources  North America  Nuclear Energy 
Number Sense  Obsession Literary Theme  Oceanography 
Oil Spills  Olympics  Opposites 
Orphans  Overcoming Adversity Literary…  Patterns Math 
Peer Pressure  Percentages & Decimals  Performing Arts 
Perseverance Literary Theme  Persian Gulf War  Pets 
Philosophy  Photography  Physical Abuse 
Physical Science  Physics  Pioneer Life 
Pioneers Moving West  Plants/Botany  Politics 
Pollution  Poverty  Prairie Life 
Prejudice & Racism  Privacy  Problem Solving Math 
Psychology  Race Relations  Ratios & Proportions 
Real World Math  Reconstruction  Recycling 
Refugees  Religions  Renaissance 
Renewable Energy  Reptiles  Research Process 
Respect Character Ed  Responsibility Character Ed  Revenge Literary Theme 
Robotics  Rome Ancient Civilizations  Runaways 
Sacrifice Literary Theme  Safety  Salem Witch Trials 
School & Education  School Integration  Seasons 
Seeds  Segregation  Self-Esteem 
Self-Reliance Literary Theme  Senses & Sensation  September th 
Sexual Abuse  Sexuality  Shapes 
Siblings  Sign Language  Simple Machines 
Single Parent Families  Size & Scale  Slavery 
Soccer  Social Media  Solar System 
Sorting Math  Sound  South America 
Space Science  Special Needs  Spiders 
Sports  Statistics & Probability  STEM 
Stem Cell Research  Stepfamilies  Subtraction 
Suffrage  Sun, Light & Shadows  Survival Stories 
Teen Pregnancy  Terrorism  Tolerance Character Ed 
Transcontinental Railroad  Transportation  Trustworthiness Character Ed 
U.S. Civil War  U.S. History  U.S. National Parks 
U.S. Presidents  U.S. Revolutionary Period  U.S. Revolutionary War 
U.S. Symbols & Monuments  The Underground Railroad  Values & Virtues 
Victorian Era th Century  Vietnam War  Volcanoes 
War  War of   Water Cycle 
Weather  Westward Expansion  Women's Studies 
World History  World War I  World War II 
Writing Process 

Teaching Support (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

Specific learning and teaching demands can be met with the mixture of titles found by searching for the tags in this section, which can also tell you which program, learning style, or educational setting is the most appropriate solution for the need.

Beginning Reader  Bilingual  Dual Language 
Easy Reader  Emergent Reader  High/Low 
Reluctant Reader  Supports Administrators  Supports Autism/Asperger 
Supports Behavior Management  Supports Bilingual  Supports Differentiated Instru… 
Supports Dual Language  Supports Early Childhood Teach…  Supports ELA Teacher 
Supports ELL/ESL  Supports Gifted  Supports Independent Reading 
Supports Math Teacher  Supports NGSS  Supports Parent 
Supports Science Teacher  Supports Social Studies Teache…  Supports Special Needs Teacher 
Supports STEM  Supports Struggling Reader  Supports Technology Integratio… 
Supports Writing 

Text Features & Resources (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

An assortment of titles in this category include supporting content found inside of books and may also provide additional support materials, all of which can be used to teach or extend the learning experience.

1 to 3 Words per Page  Activity Book  Atlas 
Includes Assessment Rubric  Includes Back Matter  Includes Bibliography 
Includes Bolded Keywords  Includes Captions  Includes Charts 
Includes Color Illustrations  Includes Color Photos  Includes Content Sidebars 
Includes Diagrams  Includes Experiments & Project…  Includes Extension Activities 
Includes Glossary  Includes Graphic Organizer  Includes Graphs 
Includes Home Engagement Activ…  Includes Illustrations  Includes Index 
Includes Infographics  Includes Labeled Pictures  Includes Lesson Plan 
Includes Maps  Includes News Articles  Includes Phonetic Glossary 
Includes Photos  Includes Picture Glossary  Includes Primary Sources 
Includes Quotations/Quotes  Includes Reproducible  Includes Study Aid 
Includes Teacher's Guide  Includes Text-Based Questions  Includes Timelines 
Includes Websites  Includes Words Defined on Page  Includes Worksheet 

Text Structure (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

The diverse selection of materials in this grouping incorporate how the information in a book is conveyed and organized.

Cause & Effect Text Structure 
Sequence Text Structure 
Compare & Contrast Text Structure
Problem & Solution Text Structure

Text Type (search for this tag or any of the tags below)

The collection of titles in this section features forms of writing and depict the general purpose of the title itself.

Argumentative Writing 
Literary Analysis Writing 
Persuasive Writing 
Dialogue Writing 
Narrative Writing 
Informational/Explanatory Writing
Opinion Writing