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Beyond Help: WebPath Express

Confused by all of the search responses on the web?

How do I set up WebPath Express?

Destiny® offers you these options for customizing WebPath Express™  You can choose to limit the list of websites to those appropriate for certain grade levels and decide whether students have access to the complete list of the websites for a subject. This is a paid subscription service.  Once your subscription is in place, you can

Add this service:

  • Click on Site Configuration in the left-hand column the Back Office
  • Click on the Site Info tab under the green bar
  •  Check the box to the left of WebPath Express
  • Click on Save. 

Set up WebPath:

  • Go to the Catalog tab, and click on Search Setup near the bottom of the left-hand column
  • On the resulting page, click on Edit to the right of WebPath Express Settings.  This allows you to set the grade levels for web sites that will be displayed on the WebPath tab after a search, and also whether or not students can choose to see web sites at other levels.  Once you have made your choices,
  • Click on Save.

Monthly spotlight:  

  • You can determine whether the monthly theme and the Spotlight appear on the main page of WebPath Express by selecting or clearing the check box on the Catalog tab of Site Configuration in the Back Office.  

Determine the number of months that statistics for searching are kept:

  • In Site Configuration in the Back Office on the Catalog tab, you specify whether Destiny stores search statistics and how long they are kept.  

Note:  Access Level settings determine whether your patrons can access WebPath Express results.  This setting is found on the first tab for each Access Level under     and also determines whether a patron with that Access Level can make WebPath suggestions.

How is WebPath Express used?

WebPath Express gives your students instant access to thousands of relevant, grade-appropriate Internet sites with just one search, directly from Destiny.  By selecting WebPath Express from the left-hand column on the Catalog tab, your patrons can search for information on the Web. They can find the subject they need in several ways: searching, browsing, or clicking through the Visual Search pictures. Using any of these methods, they can view or print the lists of websites and library materials about their subject.  They can also narrow search results using filters.  See WebPath Express™ Filters in Universal Search.  They can also add chosen web sites to a Resource List.

Destiny also includes websites in search results for searches performed in Library Search—Basic, Power, and Visual—and in Destiny Quest—basic, Advanced, and Visual.  If their search results lists are very long, they can apply any of several filters to narrow it by format, grade level, type of source material, domain type, language or related topics. 

You can make suggestions for added WebPath Express entries on the upper right-hand corner of the Spotlight page, if your Access Level is set to allow this.

How can I get statistics for WebPath Express

You can generate a WebPath Express Statistics Report by clicking on Library Reports in the left-hand column of the Reports tab. This report will help you evaluate usage and identify heavily accessed subject areas.  The report lists the top terms and topics and the number of times each was used, in descending order. It also includes a total for the number of searches.  

Then run a report for searches with no results, and you can submit any or all of the terms as suggestions for new WebPath Express entries:

  • Select the check box for each topic you want to suggest.  To select all topics, click the [select all] icon. 
    To clear all topics, click the [clear all] icon.
  • Click Submit and Destiny® automatically creates an email message containing your suggested topics and customer number.
  • Next to Your Email, enter your email address.
  • Click on [Send] to have your suggestions evaluated for inclusion in WebPath Express.