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Summer Reading 2021

Summer reading lists submitted by RILINK members and other reading list that are of interest.

Follett Community

        Reading Can (and Should) Be a Family Affair!


If you want kids to read over the summer, there needs to be more engagement. Create engagement through the reading activities found in this summer reading packet. You'll find fun ways that kids can experience books. From starting a neighborhood book club to creating a themed dinner, these activities will connect reading with family time.

Scholastic Home Base


Home Base is a fun, safe, and completely free online destination where kids can create their own avatar, interact with their favorite Scholastic characters and authors, play games, and read books. From April 26 to September 3, kids will be able to visit a special Scholastic Summer Reading zone where they can start or keep their reading streaks, earn special rewards, and more. Home Base is moderated  for safety 24/7.

Sora Sweet Reads


Join us this summer with OverDrive’s annual reading program. Sora Sweet Reads is designed for schools in the United States and Canada (for our global program, click here) to encourage students to keep reading all year long. We’re offering a collection of free and simultaneous use juvenile and young adult ebooks (and select audiobooks). These titles will be available to participating schools and prominently displayed in Sora so it’s easy for students to find their next sweet read.

The titles on the list are unlimited access, so an entire class or school could read one or more titles!  These would be available now to schools that are already members of RISOCKS, and to new RISOCKS members as of July 1