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All Inclusive Destiny Discover Guide

Patrons can access your library's Destiny Discover site without having to go into Destiny Back Office first.  You can

• send them to where they select their state and library to access the site or

• provide the direct link to your library's Destiny Discover site.

To access the direct link to your Destiny Discover site from your Back Office version of Destiny

• Click on the Catalog tab

• click on Destiny Discover

• Copy the URL for your Destiny Discover site. 

If your school has a subscription to Biblionasium, it can be intergrated into Destiny Discover. Students can use their Destiny username to log in to Biblionasium and view the status of items in your school library and provide direct access to those items in Discover

The Chrome extension displays search results from your Discover catalog directly within Google search results in Chrome. Once the extension is added, the Destiny Discover icon Destiny Discover Chrome Extension Icon appears.

The resulting search looks like this. Students see the results from your library catalog first.

Destiny Discover Chrome Extension Oceans Search



Students may also search your school resources by clicking on the Destiny Discover Chrome extension icon Destiny Discover Chrome Extension Icon first.

Search You School Resources

One RILINK librarian referred to Collections by Destiny® as "resource lists on steroids."  URLs, catalog items, and files can all be uploaded.  Notes, other Collections, and Playlists can be added. Collections can be shared with anyone in a variety of ways including a link or adding it to your Google Classroom. 

Students can easily export MLA8, AP, or Chicago citation formats to EasyBib from Details.

DPI, Digital Platform Integration, replaced Follett Shelf a few upgrades ago. The functionality of Follett Shelf has been fully integrated into Destiny Discover.  So yes... all those images and/or links to Follett Shelf should be updated. eBooks, audiobooks, Lightbox, interactive eBooks from Lerner and Capstone are all accessible in Discover.  Titles from Mackin and OverDrive are also available through the one login. 

Open Educational Resources (OER) are available in Destiny Discover in the Standard Interface only. Teachers most likely should be assigned the Standard Interface. Results may be filtered and opened in a new window for reviewing content. 

Open Educational Resources Search Results

In addition to Permalinks and QR codes, a resource may be shared directly to your Google Classroom or downloaded as a Thin Common Cartridge. These Share features are available in Details. 

• Click on the cover image of the resource you wish to share.

• Click on Share

• Choose the means of sharing: 

  • copy the URL
  • download the QR code
  • add to your Google Classroom or 
  • download a Thin Common Cartridge 

Read more about Share Options under Display Options.

Visit the Follett website to keep up with the latest changes and register for "Ask Andrew! Live Chat About What’s New in Destiny Discover, " 30 minute online sessions when participants can ask questions of the Destiny Discover Project Manager.

Students can link to their video review in the Standard display version. In the Simplified display version, students may rate a title using stars.

Where to link video review in Destiny Discover

Administrators can now Edit and Delete reviews in Destiny Discover under Admin/Approve Reviews.

The ability to do Mass Deletes/ Approvals is now available.

Mass Deletes or Approvals

Approved Reviews can now be deleted by date range.

WebPath Express is a subscription service. Based on the Settings under Catalog/Search Setup/ Enriched Content Searches/ Web Path Express Settings, students can find grade-appropriate, educator-reviewed websites with one search. In Destiny Discover these additional sites show up under the Websites tab.

Standard View

standard view websites tab


Simplified View

simplified view websites tab


Various widgets options are available in Destiny Discover. These widgets may be added to websites to make access easier or to promote your catalog.