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How do I finalize open inventories?  

  • If you have completed the inventory, follow the directions linked here
  • If you have not completed the inventory, repeat the step below for each open inventory.
    • Chose an Open Inventory so that it is displayed in the Inventory box.
    • Click on Finalize.
    • Choose the option to NOT delete Unaccounted for Copies.
    • Finalize the inventory.  If you deleted the Unaccounted for Copies by mistake, you can restore them when you have Finalized all of your open inventories by clicking on View Lost and restoring the copies that were marked Lost on that date.
  • Once you have finalized all of the inventories, you can click on View Lost on the main Inventory page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and consider deleting Lost Copies by date to delete any copies that are not likely to return.
  • Once you have deleted the Lost Copies that you do not wish to retain in your Catalog, print a list of Lost Copies. You will need a copy of this list so that you can mark these copies Lost again after the transfer, as they will all revert to Available in your library's new site. You can scan or copy the barcodes in the Lost Copies list into Copy Status in the Circulation tab and mark them Lost in your new site.

Delete or reset Lodst Copies: