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If you have no open inventories, you should be able to View the list of Lost items by going to Inventory in the left-hand column in the Admin tab of the Destiny Back Office.  If you have any open Inventories, Please go to How do I finalize Open Inventories? 
Here is how to get to View Lost:
After you click on Vew Lost, you can sort the list by any of the columns.  Sort it by Date Lost to get an idea of which items have been marked lost for each year.  You can Show All to get the entire list, and then print it. If you can, I would recommend printing it to a pdf file. You can use this list to see if there are Lost items that you want to replace. Consider deleting items Lost on or before 9/1/2019, which you can do by scrolling to the bottom of the first screen in the list of Lost items.
Once you have deleted the Lost Copies that you don't want to keep, you can resort the list of Lost Copies again if you want, and then View all, and print the new smaller list of Lost Copies again to a pdf file if possible. 
Once your new site is up on Follett Hosted, you should be able to copy each barcode from the pdf file and then paste it into Copy Status in the Circulation tab, click on Return and then Mark it Lost.