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Activate ILL: Activate ILL

Please read all information on this page before submitting the Activate ILL form. Thank you.

Please Read Me First!

If your school is a LORI-certified RILINK member and you'd like to begin participation in interlibrary loan for the first time, please submit the form below. Your information will be collected by RILINK staff and forwarded to the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), which oversees the LORI network and makes interlibrary loan delivery possible. An OLIS staff person will then contact you about supplies, delivery schedules, and guidelines. Your school MUST have current LORI certification to participate in interlibrary loan. If you are unsure if your library has current LORI certification, please check the current "Library Delivery Schedules" link on the OLIS website, provided below.


If your school library does not have current LORI certification, you are not eligible to submit this form.


Before submitting the form, please review the information at the RILINK ILL Guidelines page linked below.


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Zach Berger
RILINK Member Services Librarian