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Teachers: My school library - What's in it for me, and how do I get there online?

Guide to teacher resources available through RILINK

Here are some of the many convenient ways that you can find your school library catalog:

  1. Ask your librarian for the best way to get to the library's web site.
  2. Check for a link to the library's web site or catalog on your school or district web site.
  3. Go to and find your school in the list, which is divided by level.  Schools with multiple levels are listed in the bottom of the right-hand column.  In each level, schools are listed in alphabetical order.  Click on the name of your school to go to the catalog
  4. Go to  Pick Rhode Island from the pop-up list in the [Location] box, and then start typing the name of your school in the [School] box, so that you can select it from the list that pops up.  Once you have chosen your school, click on Go! Once inside, you can search for books, eBooks, and other digital resources. Watch the video introduction to Destiny Discover.
  5. Find your school library in our alphabetical RILINK Directory at and click on the link for your library.

Log in to use Resource Lists, place Holds, and use other features. If you don't know your username and password to log into Destiny, please contact your librarian.

Find out about Collections, where you can gather your teaching resources in one place !

Search your school's resources in one easy place.  

Find Destiny Discover on the Catalog tab in the left-hand column, or get to this interface by going to Pick Rhode Island from the pop-up list in the [Location] box, and then start typing the name of your school in the [School] box, so that you can select it from the list that pops up.  Once you have chosen your school, click on Go!  If you go back to Destiny Discover on the same computer or device in the future, you choices will be remembered, and you won't have to choose your state and school the next time. Once inside, you can search for books, eBooks, and other digital resources. Please log in to hold and check out materials, using the username and password supplied by your librarian.  The results displayed in Destiny Discover depend on your school's specific settings. Can't find your school? Ask your librarian for help.

Find Destiny Discover Apps for your mobile and Android devices, iPads, Nooks, Kindle and Chromebooks in the App store.  Search for Destiny Discover.  These Apps are free.  You can also add a Chrome extension that will add matching books and links from the library to the top of your search results when you do a Google search.  Go to the Google Chrome webstore, and search for Follett Destiny.

When you get to Destiny Discover, the screen will look something like this:

You can search all types of sources by entering a word or phrase in the Search box and then clicking on the magnifying glass or pressing the [Enter] key on your keyboard. You can also click within any of the "ribbons" below the search box to explore recently added books, browse by subject, explore eBooks, etc.

You can use the drop-down list at the left end of the search box to limit your search to titles, authors, subjects, series or contents in notes.
Here is the result of our keyword search for hurricane:



Once you click on an item, you will see the full display for the item, including an indication of whether it is IN and available or OUT.



You can use any of the links in the title record to explore more information about the title, or find other titles with the same subject, author or series.

offers a shared web-based library automation system for Rhode Island school libraries, which we call .  RICAT uses Follett Destiny software and currently offers three different interfaces that you can use to search your library's catalog -  Destiny Discover, Destiny Classic, and Destiny Quest.  When a school library joins our RICAT system, all you need to use your school library media center's resources is a computer, laptop, or mobile device and an Internet connection.  Librarians, library staff, teachers, students, and parents have access to the school’s library resources anytime, anywhere they have access to the web.  Most RICAT entries include content annotations as well as interest and reading levels. The software supports searches by Lexiles and by reading level for a variety of reading programs such as Fountas and Pinnell and Accelerated Reader. Searches in RICAT can also link to digital resources, such as streaming video from Discovery Education and eBooks. Searches will find information in online subscription databases, including those available free to all Rhode Islanders through  Your tax dollars at work!  

Click here for a guide to Searching in Destiny Discover.

Click here for a guide to Searching using the Destiny Classic Interface.

Click here to see a video about Searching in Destiny Quest

RILINK's collection of shared eBooks, called BookLynx, is available for all member schools to access. Students, teachers, and parents have access to titles in this collection through computers and mobile devices.  Each librarian chooses titles from BookLynx to add to the local school's collection and can add other eBooks and audio books as well.  Click here for a user manual.

Ebooks are also available through AskRI's subscription to   Find them at     or in your library's catalog.  You should not need a username and password to open these eBooks.  

What do you do if I can't get to WorldBook resources without getting asked to log in?  The state of Rhode Island’s World Book Online subscription is Geo-Authenticated.  If you are being prompted for login, it appears your ISP is "outside" of the state of Rhode Island.  If you can't get to WorldBook resources from home or school in Rhode Island, the URL below will use your browser's GPS to allow AskRI to verify that you are in the state of Rhode Island and will automatically authenticate your access.

Your school library may also have interactive eBooks from or other sources.



Click here to find out how you can make and share your own collections.  See a video overview.

Create a Collection

Add Items to a Collection

You can convert your Resource

Lists to Collections, and

install a browser tool to

easily add links to your collection.

Upload a Document Sort Items Using Collections

Sharing Collections

Managing Account Settings

Collections in Three Easy Steps (Students) [VIDEO]

Create your empty Resource List first.  You must be logged into Destiny, and using the Classic interface. If you are using Destiny Discover, you will need to go to, find your library in the list, and log on again.  

 Create an empty list for the curriculum subject of your choice.  


Here are the options.  Remember to  your Resource List.

You can go back to your list at any time, adding or deleting resources, and, if you choose, making the list public locally so that students and other teachers can see it.  You also have the option to name a co-author, so that you and another teacher can work on one Resource List together.

Now that you have created your blank list, you can search for resources on the catalog tab.  By keyword, subject, author, title, etc. In the titles list, click on any titles that interest you.  The resulting Titles page will show you the book cover, tell you the call number where you can find it and tell you whether or not it’s on the shelf.  You can add this book to your Resource List by clicking on [add to this list], and go back to the list to explore other titles.  Continue adding items to your list.

Next, click on the [One Search] tab near the top right of the screen.  This will take you to other online resources about your topic that are available through AskRI or through other subscriptions that your library has.  Click on [Get Results] to explore more databases.  Click on Show under each resource listed, explore some of the articles found in that resource, and click on [add to this list ] next to any article that interests you.

To see what you’ve collected so far, click on Resource Lists in the left-hand column, and then View the list you created, which will include everything that you added to your Resource List while you were exploring your topic.  Books and OneSearch databases are each listed under separate tabs.  You can email, save or print each section.  If your library subscribes to WebPath Express, you will find additional resources in the WebPath tab.

There are options for creating links, downloading QR codes, or saving citations for individual books In Destiny Discover.  These options are not available in Destiny Classic or Destiny Quest. Search in Destiny Quest to find the book or other item from which you want to create a link, QR code or citation.  The entry for each individual item will tell you whether it's IN or OUT and give you the option to create a link or citation for that item.


























Use or email a link to a Resource List that you created in Destiny.  This option is not currently available in Destiny Discover.

  1. Create your Resource List and make it published locally.
  2. View the list to get the list ID number from the URL, for example:
  3. Find the site number for your library   example: <--
  4. Replace the site number and the list ID number in this sample:  

​Please make sure that there are NO SPACES in the URL that point to your Resource List.   You should be able to email this link or use it on a web or lesson page, and it will go directly to your Resource List.

Destiny Quest is a graphical library search interface to the library's catalog for K-12 students. 
Students can virtually browse along the library's shelves.  Destiny Quest can be set up for students to share and post reviews, promoting safe social networking.  Students can also maintain their own Have Read, Now Reading, and Want to Read Shelves within Destiny Quest. Here is an example of a Destiny Quest opening page:  



Click here to see a video about Searching your library's collection in Destiny Quest.


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