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Lightbox: Home

Interactive eBooks available through Follett


 offers titles at the elementary and secondary levels. Watch video views of what these eBooks have to offer you and your students, and how to take advantage of all they have to offer ! According to Follett, "Lightbox engages students for an average of 45 minutes versus the 8 minutes they spend in a traditional eBook."   features:

  • Text-to-speech narration.
  • Text-enabled student activity worksheets, quizzes, key word lists and answer keys.
  • Embedded videos and slideshows.
  • Standards that each Lightbox title supports.
  • Links to student-safe websites.
  • Link to find more materials in your library on this subject.
  • Vocabulary learning with key word definitions and worksheets, embedded quizes.
  • Layered transparencies of maps, diagrams, charts and timelines.
  • Virtual travel using Google Maps™.