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Archived Guide

This is an archived guide. The information is being kept for historical purposes only and is not updated.  Please review to the RILINK site for all updated information on this topic.

YouTube Video: Using eBooks for Teaching and Learning

Useful Links

There is no "one size fits all" formula for building an eBook collection in your school library, but there is a great deal of information already available to help you make your decisions. Consult the links below for some tips, tricks, ideas, and resources. Click the Click for more info for more details about each link.


There's more than one way to build your eBooks collection!

There's no such thing as an eBooks road map

Patron Driven Acquisition

Patron Driven Acquisition (or PDA) is an agreement with an eBook vendor that stipulates that libraries will not be billed for the purchase of an eBook title until patron-initiated use triggers the billing cycle. PDA works especially well when budgetary or other limitations make eBook purchasing a risky proposition. Ask your eBook vendor if PDA is a purchasing option.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (or DRM) is the "lock" on an eBook that governs circulation rules, shelf life, device compatibility, and interactivity of each eBook title. Every publisher sets its own DRM guidelines. It is in your best interest to fully understand an eBook's DRM provisions, which vary from vendor to vendor and even from title to title within the same vendor's catalog. 


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