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Examining Adolescent Issues through Young Adult Literature: Synthesis

This task, a collaborative effort with Donna Good, provides students the opportunity to read about characters like themselves and analyze the connections to their own lives. It has been revised to incorporate the functions in Destiny & LibGuides CMS.


The time has arrived for you to organize information and create your products. Which options from the matrix did you chose?  What tools do you need to create your products?   Share at least one tool/app/method you are using to create one of your products other then the book review and provide one reason for your choice.

Use Comments to enter your response. 

EAL Required Products

To complete the Examining Adolescent Issues Project successfully, each student must complete the following:

a.     Completion of a KWL chart about the research area

b.     Submission of a Resource List created in Destiny or Destiny Quest

c.     Submission of “Project Choices” sheet

d.     Completion of reflections for each project choice

e.     Production of the written/electronic components

f.      An oral presentation

g.     A final reflection