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Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader: Day 1 Session 4B Overview: Destiny© Resources

Using LibGuides CMS & Destiny© as Collaborative Tools to Meet Common Core Standards

Follett Resources

Additional Destiny© Resources from RILINK

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Embed a RICAT Search Box

The "Search EBEC Catalog" box may be reused on your sites with a minor edit.   Follow these steps:

  1. Add the box to your guide using Add New Box/Reuse Exisitng Box.
  2. Locate the Follett Links & Widgets guide and then the "Search EBEC Catalog" box.  Click the
    "Make a copy of this box rather than mapping to the original..." box so you can edit the box once it is on your guide.
  3. Once the box is on your guide, click Add/Edit Text.
  4. Click on the Plain Text Editor.
  5. Locate the site ID # 711  and replace it with the site ID # for your library.  You can locate this number by hovering over the link to your library on the RICAT page.
  6. Save!   Check to make sure you are searching your library catalog!

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