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Backyard Bonanza: A Different Kind of Game Show: Home Notes

This guide presents a sample unit illustrating the use of collaborative components in Destiny© and LibGuides for an elementary-grade research project about common backyard insects and spiders.


This sample research project was designed to allow for SLMS collaboration to support science curricula but can be modified for other purposes. The focus is on engaging students with informational text, locating resources using Destiny© to create resource lists, and/or class presentations using student-made book reviews or book trailers.

This project does not include specific prompts or assignments to guide students in understanding the subject matter. This lesson is meant to supplement prior knowledge and previous lessons; supplementary lessons could be added to the unit. Students should also be familiar with the research and citation process appropriate for their grade level; or, components reflecting those student outcomes could be added to this lesson.

This guide is a rough sketch of ideas and is not meant to be comprehensive.