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Site & App of the Week: Apps

Each week an interesting web site and app are highlighted on this page. Visitors are invited to suggest sites and apps to be highlighted.

Week of May 5

Apps to gather and organize news for readers are plentiful.  News junkies have at least one favorite.  I choose to highlight Zite today because of the way it lets the users customize what they view. The TWN blog selected it as one of the 10 best news apps for iPhone. Zite, having recently been acquired by Flipboard, another free news app, is available for iPad and Android devices.  Really a news junky?  Read about what this merger means on Zite's blog.

Next week a news app for younger students will be highlighted.

Week of May 12

As promised last week, the highlighted app for this week focuses on news for kids. News-O-Matic's goal is to inform children about current events.  The team includes journalists, educators, and entrepreneurs.   News-O-Matic won the AASL Best App for Teaching and Learning award for 2013.  The free app is now available for on iOS and Android devices.

Week of May 19

This week's app comes to you via Nikki Robertson on Pinterest.  Read & Write for for Google is a Chrome app designed to improve accessibility to docs on Google drive.  Since many of our districts are using or contemplating using Chromebooks, this seem like a good app to highlight.  Currently, it is free for educators.  Learn more about this app on Free Technology for Teachers.