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Site & App of the Week: November Sites

Each week an interesting web site and app are highlighted on this page. Visitors are invited to suggest sites and apps to be highlighted.

Week of November 25

Read Theory is a website dedicated to helping students improve their ciritcal reading and thinking skills for all ages and levels.  Teachers can enter classed ad maintain statistics relative to their students progress.  The  free site requires registeration to access all the features and is currently offered for free.  Learn more about this site on How It Works.


Week of November 18

This week's link comes to you from  "10 Digital Field Trips For The Modern Classroom" provides links to Learnist, a curation web site to view these virtual resources with the exception of one about free trips outside of the classroom walls.  You do not need an account with Learnist to view these resources.

Week of November 11

This week's website Web 2.0:  Cool Tools for Schools comes from Greer Charon.  The site inventories all types of tools from websites and widgets.  Check it out!

Week of November 4

Just last week at a LibGuides Work Session, a member shared with me the expectation she use the "flipped classroom," methology with her library classes.  So this week's site is a blog entry for "Ask a Tech Teacher."  It includes a great infographic about this teaching strategy.