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Site & App of the Week: March Apps

Each week an interesting web site and app are highlighted on this page. Visitors are invited to suggest sites and apps to be highlighted.

Week of March 3

This week's app just came to my attention today via appgratis, a list to which I belong that highlights a free app everyday.  The free app for March 3 is iOrnament.  This app from the Science-to-touch website is just too cool!  The creator Jürgen Richter-Gebert is a mathematics professor at the University of Munich.  Students get to design and manipulate shapes gaining a better understanding of the connection between math, science, and art.  Available for iPhone and iPad, the pro version is $.99. 

Week of March 10

As spring appproaches and color returns to our world, this week's app of the week salutes art.  Touch Van Gogh is an app for both iOS and Android devices.  The app created by the Van Gogh Museum is designed to  allow the user to

" take a closer look at Van Gogh's paintings;
•    find out more about Van Gogh's working methods;
•    discover the secrets behind Van Gogh's painting technique;
•    find out more about Van Gogh's history;
•    learn more about the latest research into Van Gogh's studio practice."


Week of March 17

This week highlights two apps that provide students a way to create flashcards.  Bitsboard, a free app for iPad and iPhone, provides the user with a way to create flashcards, games, and more to help with early literacy skills. Cram, available for both iOS and Android provides the user with a way to create and share flashcards or access ones already stored on the site.  It even has the option to create your own flashcard app.  Might that not grab the attention of some of your students!  

Week of March 24

Explain Everything is a interactive whiteboard and screen casting tool. On their website are tutorials and a press kit. Common Sense Media calls this a "powerhouse tool."  Read more of their review on the Common Sense site.  The app is available for $2.99 for both iOs and Android devices.

Week of March 31

Recently, people were seeking story telling sites.  To complement what was shared, I wanted to offer apps for both iOS  and Android devices.  Rather then pick an app for a specific age range, I sought out resources for all ages.  For iOS devices Common Sense offers suggested apps for preschool through grade 8.  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning highlights five for Android devices as well as ones for iOS.  Please use the comment box to left us know if you have tried any of these apps with your students.