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Destiny© Resource Lists: Resource Lists for School Library Staff

Resource lists are a great way to track, share, and publicize the variety of materials in your collection, and are a useful collaboration tool, too. They can also be used to generate usage statistics. Learn more about resource lists here.

What Can School Library Staff Do with a Resource List?

-Maintain collection development records

-Create wish lists

-Customize lists of titles for research projects

-Keep track of titles to delete or weed

-Merge duplicate titles 

-Demonstrate various catalog search strategies and results

-Create citation lists in MLA format

-Edit citations

-Collaborate with classroom teachers

-Help students foster independent research skills

-Promote new titles

-Announce award winners name just a few options...

Setting Access Levels

Note: the following are guidelines only and may not work for every library or every access level type. Use discretion and plan accordingly.

There are two steps to set access level permissions to allow for creating, viewing, and sharing of public resource lists:


Back Office > Access Levels > select the edit icon of the Access Level Type to be changed (eg Teacher) > Library Materials subtab > Library Catalog Search Access section > check "Access my lists for library" (required to allow for viewing and editing contents of the default My Personal List when logged in); and check "Add titles to my list by range or number" (optional; allows for building of resource lists within the Resource List subtab View option).


Switch from the Library Materials subtab to the Patrons subtab > Self-empowered Patron Access section > check "Create multiple lists" (optional; if not selected, only the default My Personal List will be available), "publish my lists" (optional, but required if allowing users to make their own resource lists public), and "view public lists" (required to allow for viewing of others' public resource lists). 


How to Create and Edit Resource Lists

The instructions below have not yet been updated for the latest Destiny upgrade (version 12) but are current as of November 2013. Updated instructions will be posted as soon as they are available.

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