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North Providence Librarians Professional Development Sessions: CultureGrams

CultureGrams Agenda

  • What Is CultureGrams?
    • An Overview
      • Teacher Resources
      • CultureGrams LibGuides Site, Blog, Twitter Feed
      • Additional Resources
  • CultureGrams Tour
  • Explore CultureGrams​
  • Q&A


  • ProQuest database of cultural information
  • Reports for over 200 countries and 7 global regions
  • Four editions: World, Kids, States, Provinces 
  • People, customs, courtesies, lifestyle, society
  • Primary sources, images, videos, interviews, timelines, infographics, and more
  • Custom graphs and tables
  • Download or reuse content (in closed environments)
  • Built-in citation generators
  • Teacher activities and Common Core connections
  • Google Drive and Google Classroom integration
  • No login required at school
  • For off-site login, see librarian
  • Search results automatically included in RICAT (school library catalog)
  • Access provided through RILINK membership dues