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Session 1B: Design Thinking Deep Dive* (9-12) : Session Overview

This workshop repeated Session 2B

Design Thinking Deep Dive* (9-12)

Have you ever seen a room full of 100 teenagers who are all on their own studying? Here’s our dilemma:
How might we engage disengaged students? How might we turn their need to connect socially into
learning experiences? How do we move from what might sometimes look like a train station full of
disengaged students to a center of innovation?

Libraries are trying to be many things at once. Quiet spaces and active spaces. A space for writing, a
space for listening, for building, inventing, discussing, and reading. We find ourselves as a relief from
class, a supporter of class, a teacher of class, and an inventor of new classes all at the same time. This is an enormous task for us as librarians, to be the glue that holds all of these huge moving parts together, to provide the connections.

If we say that ideas form the connections, how might we encourage new, wild, and divergent ideas for our libraries?