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Session 2C: Destiny 12: Session Overview

This is a repeat of Session 1C.

Destiny 12

Curious about the recent changes in Destiny 12?  Want to learn more about Universal Search?  Need a review of all things eBooks as it relates to the catalog and FollettShelf?  Make sure this workshop is on your "must register" list for the conference.  The session is repeated Session 2C on Day 1 and Day 2.


Changes in Version 12:

Problem with books trapped for Holds when they are returned has been fixed.  You will still get a notice on the screen when the book is checked in, but the request will appear on the Processing Needed page awaiting your response as to whether you are sending the item, or Declining the request.  The Status no longer goes to Ready when the item is checked in.

Universal Search adds ribbons for each format, allows for sorting search results and narrowing the scope of your search. Universal Search has been set up for each site, with teachers who are logged in being able to search the curriculum tags.

Items to review:

Access Level settings

Quick Reference Guides (link will take you to online Help, then search for Quick Reference Guides)

Guides to share with students and teachers:

Coming in the next few weeks:

The second automatic update is coming to Destiny 12.0 on August 15th. This will be followed by an update to Universal Search on August 22nd. Listed below are the enhancements customers will receive:

August 15th release

  • Follett audiobook single-sign on access
  • FSS Name Changes
  • Fix non-Follett eBook status display

August 22nd release

  • Universal Search update
  • Bookbag added – Checkouts and Holds for both Destiny and Follett Shelf
  • Access to reading path setup in Follett Shelf
  • Destiny administrative access to Universal Search
  • EBook ribbon on Universal Search Home Page
  • School Picker and website
  • Mobile interface improvements


Dorothy Frechette, RILINK Executive Director