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All Inclusive Destiny Discover Guide

Destiny Discover now offers two interfaces.

  • Simplified - recommended for K-5
  • Standard - recommended for 6-12

Standard is the default interface. Open Educational Resources are only available in the Standard interface.

Display options may be assigned under

  • Destiny Discover Main Menu/Setup/Display Options/Visions & Themes
  • Roles under Visions and Themes correspond to the Roles under Collection Policies

A step by step directions, handout, and screen cast are available under the Setup Tab.

Standard- recommended for grades 6-12

Destiny Discover Standard Interface


Aquarium Book Fair
Destiny Discover Book Fair Interface
Kids Outside Space
Destiny Discover Kids Outside Interface Destiny Discover Space Interface
Gradient Sports


Share Options are available in the both Standard  and Simplified interfaces.  Sharing Options are based on the Collection Policies that correspond to Access Levels. Remember to check off the additional options under Simplified when appropriate.

Visit "Set Up the Homepage" on the Follett site for the most detailed information on customizing your Destiny Discover homepage. Recent changes include a custom carousel option and adding videos to the Column A or Column B content boxes.

The homepage can be customized to show Digital Only or Featured Conent. 

• Open on the Hamburger Menu 

Click on Admin/Display Options

Click on Admin/Display Options/Digital Only to limit students to this type of content.

Click on Admin/Display Options/Featured Content to select the content and the order in

which it is displayed.



Choose the version you wish to edit.  Carousels may be added or removed. Positions of carousels may be moved by dragging and dropping them. If a carousel has an edit pencil, Topics and Links may be further customized. A custom carousel may also be created.

Make sure you click Save after any changes are made.

School logos may be added to Simplified display options. This screen cast walks you though the process.