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All Inclusive Destiny Discover Guide

Library Manager Holds Reports Improvements

The recent v18.3 Destiny update made improvements in Destiny Back Office focused on Library Manager Holds reporting. Call number, Sublocation, and Homeroom can be sorted under Local Materials to be Pulled and Local Materials Ready for Patron. If the fields are sorted the report will also be sorted when printed. These options will make it simpler to pull items and to group items to be delivered to homerooms.

Checking Local Materials Pending gives you an idea of popular items to consider for purchasing additional copies.

If you don’t see the flag icon in your toolbar you can access the Processing Needed page in two ways.

While in Circulation look for the Holds/ILL tab in the left column.

Over to the far right find View Reports.

Or, go to Library Reports and choose Holds to take you the Processing Needed page.