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All Inclusive Destiny Discover Guide

Destiny 17.5

To everyone:
So far, we are looking at relatively minor changes with Destiny 17.5:
  • Back Office tab renamed Admin
  • In Circulation
    • The “Check in Offsite Copies” option now defaults to off.
    • "In Library Use” can be opted as off (the default remains as on).

Changes in Destiny Discover also relate the name changes.

  • On the Main Menu Destiny is now called Destiny Back Office.
  • Setup has been renamed Admin.
  • Admin now opens to Discover Admin.


  • Limit access to Collections for various roles in Destiny Discover. For example, limit elementary school students to only elementary collections in other schools in RILINK. Something to consider: this could also be done on a RILINK-wide basis. Send email to if you think this would be a good idea.
  • Edit any Collection when you are signed in as an Administrator for your site and set the collaborators for the collection.
  • Pin a Collection so patrons see it at the beginning of the carousel. Collections may be pinned for a specific length of time as well as scheduled.
  • Sign up for monthly webinar/ Q and A on the last Friday of every month at 3:00 pm EST by visiting the Follett Community Webinar Series page to find out about new and upcoming changes for Destiny Discover.

New Search Options

A new feature makes search options in Destiny Discover more visible. The + icon has been replaced with the two buttons; Search Options and Options are Set.


Images Now Displayed for Collections

No more generic icons for Collections on the homepage carousels and Search Results! Collections featured in these areas now reflect the images and colors assigned to the Collections. And on that note, "carousels" is now used in place of "ribbons" for the items displayed on your home page.

Searching Collections

The number of Collections available now exceeds 10,000. To search effectively for Collections on a given topic, use the Search Options and the homepage. Then click on the Collections tab to further filter your results.