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Member Discounts: OverDrive

Current vendor discount agreements and trials for RILINK members.

Andrea Hotton, Account ExecutiveEducation New Business, Canada and New England

Cell: +1 647-271-4189

Phone: +1 216-573-6886 x 1461

Fax: +1 216-573-6888

OverDrive, Inc.  Global Digital Distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, & more

One OverDrive Way | Cleveland, Ohio 44125  USA   


Some key OverDrive advantages:

  • Over 1.5 million titles from top publishers, large and small –including eBooks, Audiobooks, music which are downloaded for offline use and video streaming.  
  • Monthly and quarterly digital content title discounts including new Novel Set options from Harper Collins & Penguin Random House starting as low as $1.10 per title/student and traditional discounts from other publishers.
  • Unrivaled device compatibility—every major device including, iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, Chromebooks, etc. (note that this device can only use our OverDrive READ format—not the EPUB)  see this link for full listing
  • The 4.5 star rated application with over 45K reviews!
  • Free MARC express, editable records to load into your existing online catalog.

Sign up for SORA and get your Starter Collection at no charge.  

Why join? Joining the Rhode Island shared collection will give member schools or districts access to more digital titles than any one individual institution could purchase on their own, maximizing the benefits. For example, if School A were to initiate a digital collection of their own, they may only be able to afford 50 titles. However, by joining a collection shared by 20 schools or districts, School A would have access to 1,000 titles. This shared collection grows as more schools or districts join.

Additional benefits include:

  • An unbeatable cost of $1 or less per student
  • The ability to add titles specifically for your school or district (separate from the shared collection)
  • Titles filtered by grade level to ensure the right titles are reaching the right students
  • OverDrive content specialists will help select the best titles based on group, school or district needs

What is RILINK contributing?  RILINK will add funding to purchase additional titles for the Rhode Island OverDrive Shared Collection that will only be available to RILINK member libraries.  A RILINK member school joining the Rhode Island Shared Collection would have access to any of the titles purchased for the Shared Collection.  It could also purchase or rent additional titles for its own collection, which would not be available to members of the group.  A school library that is not a RILINK member, but joining the Rhode Island OverDrive Shared Access Collection would have access to the titles in the Shared Collection, except for those purchased by RILINK.  It could also purchase or rent additional titles for its own collection, which would not be available to members of the Shared Collection.  Please see the diagram below.

RILINK is considering affiliate membership for school libraries that wish to share resources, including the Rhode Island OverDrive Shared Collection plus access to LibGuides, ExploringNature and CultureGrams, but are not participating in the RILINK/RICAT shared Destiny Library Manager system.  If you are interested affiliate RILINK membership, please let us know.

What happens if I can't maintain my subscription to the Rhode Island Shared Collection the following year?  

The Rhode Island OverDrive Shared Collection would become part of BookLynx, which would now include:

  • upload files and directions for new titles in the shared OverDrive Collection for group members on a passworded page by school level - elementary, YA, Adult (?)
  • links and directions for adding new Follett shared eBook titles for RICAT libraries
  • files and directions for uploading WorldBook eBook titles provided by AskRI to your catalog

See what's currently in our Shared OverDrive Collection.

Find our Rhode Island OverDrive Shared Collection at

Get the app at the bottom of the page at

These are the RILINK members participating in RISOCKS:  (current as of 5/7/2019, DF).  Members of RISOCKS who are not authenticating through RICAT are designated with an asterisk after their name.

  • Exeter/West Greenwich Regional School District  *
    • Exeter/West Greenwich Regional Jr/Sr High School  *
    • Metcalf School  *
    • Wawaloam School  
  • Lincoln Middle School  *
  • Lincoln Senior High School  *
  • Lincoln School  *
  • Lonsdale Elementary School
  • Melville Elementary School
  • Mt. Hope High School  *
  • Narragansett Pier School
  • North Smithfield Middle School
  • Portsmouth High School
  • Portsmouth Middle School
  • Saylesville Elementary School
  • St, Michael.s Country Day School

Costs for individual annual school library participation are based on student enrollment, as follows:

Number of students

Annual participation fee



500 – 749           


750 – 999


1,000 – 1,499    


To join the group, please complete and submit the form below, and submit it with your payment to the OverDrive contact listed on page 2 of the form.

Click here to view the recorded webinarYou will need to enter your name, email, phone number and school (company.)

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Check out Managing Marc Express Records (8 min.)

There are also recorded training webinars at the Resource Center located at Start with these trainings:

            *User experience*

            -Demonstration: Navigating Your OverDrive School Website

            -Demonstration: Reading History and Notes & Highlights


            -Understanding Lending Models (K-12)

            -Shopping for Titles for Your School Website

            -Managing Content Access Levels

If you're interested in additional training, please visit the Resource Center for more information.

Collection Development Blog

School Blog

Marketing assistance

Don’t forget to promote! Please review their Best Practices for Schools—use this checklist to help you make the most of your OverDrive service.