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eBooks: Catalog an eBook

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Here's how to add an eBook to your catalog

Cataloging an eBook in Destiny  

Please note that these instructions DO NOT apply to Follett eBooks.

The basic principal is to locate a record already in our RICAT database or in Z cataloging resources that is as close as possible to the eBook that you want to catalog.  You probably won’t find an exact matching eBook record, but you should be able to find a MARC record for a hardcover book that is very close.  If you find a MARC record for a hardcover that is a good match for the eBook that you are cataloging, you will want to make a duplicate of this record, and edit the duplicate record to match the eBook that you are cataloging.  NEVER edit, add to, or change the material type for the original hardcover MARC record.   Make your changes to the duplicate record, and Save it.  To have Destiny indicate that the eBook titles are available, you will need to add a copy record.  Check your Circulation Types in Library Policies in your site’s Back Office to make sure that you already have one for eBooks.  If you don’t have one, you should add it before starting to add eBooks to your catalog.

You can link to the actual eBook content in your duplicate MARC record if it is available on the web.  For example, free online eBooks can be found at   You can also add this link to your home page to let students and teachers find eBooks on their own.  Once you have found an eBook at Gutenberg that you want to add to your catalog: 

·       Select the link to read this book online.

·       Open NotePad (find it in Windows Accessories) or another text editor on your computer.

·       Copy/Paste the eBook address from your browser bar to NotePad, then minimize it to the tool bar for later use.

·       Return  to the eBook on Gutenberg,  and copy/paste title and author to same notepad, minimizing  for later use if needed.

 The details follow.  Click here to see the screen shots (labelled a – u in this document) for additional help.

 1.       Find a MARC record to use:

·       Log into Destiny, and go to the Catalog tab (a).

·       Click on Add Title (b) in the left-hand column.

·       Use the drop-down lists to select [Electronic books    s] as the format (c), with [Title  s] as your search parameter (d).

·       Enter the title of your eBook and click on [Go] or press the [Enter] key or your keyboard (e).

For the purposes of these instructions, we are cataloging an eBook on Gutenberg called Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation: 1838-1839 by Fanny Kemble.

·       Let Destiny search for a matching record.  If no record is found in RICAT, Alliance Plus, or the Z-sources that we have linked into our system, wait about thirty seconds and then click on [Get Z-Results] to let the system find all possible matches.  If you don’t get a match, click on Check/Set Sources in the green “breadcrumbs” bar, change the Find [                      s ] format to Books, and click on [Go] or press the [Enter] key or your keyboard to repeat the search.  Click on [Get Z-Results] to let the system find all possible matches. 

·       If you find a record that matches the eBook that you are cataloging, click on its title to bring up the full record (f).

·       If you want to look at another record, click on >Search Results> in the green “breadcrumbs” bar to go back to the list of matches.

·       If you find an EXACT match (including the format) already in RICAT, see step three below.  If you find a MARC record for a different format (for example, a book instead of an eBook) in RICAT that you want to use, click on [Duplicate It] (g).  DO NOT make changes to the MARC record for the book.  If you find a MARC record that you want to use from Alliance Plus or another source, click on [Save Title].

 2.       Edit the MARC record to match your eBook:

 ·       Click on [Edit title] (g) on the right-hand side.

·       If the MARC record that you are editing is for a book, use the drop-down list to change the Material Type to Electronic Book (eBook) (h).

·       Change Publication Information and Physical Description fields (I and j), for example:

                                      Publisher  -   Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 

                                      Extent   -  1 online resource

·       Click on the Series/Notes tab (k) under the green “breadcrumbs” bar on the right.

·       Under Notes, use the drop-down box to add a [  General s] note (l), type the word eBook in the box, and then click on [Update] (m).

·       Click on Resources tab (n) to enter the URL that you saved previously, clicking on NotePad or another browser window to copy it.

·       Click back into the Destiny browser window, and paste the http://  address into the Links  URL box (o).

·       In the Description box , type “Click here to read this book online,” (p) then press [Update] (q).

·       You can [Use MARC Editor] and [Add Tag] to add another 856 field (optional steps 1 and 2); for example,

                                   u -   z – Click here to download this eBook.

·       Use other tabs to add Subjects, etc. as needed.

·       When you are finished editing the MARC record, click on [Save Title] (r).

·       Click on [Select All] to accept all suggestions for punctuation.

·       Finally, click on [Save Title] (r).

 3.       Add a copy record so that Destiny will list this eBook as “Available”:

 ·       Once you have saved the MARC record, click on [Add copies].

·       Scan an unused barcode.

·       In the Call number field, enter “eBook” (s).

·       Change the Circulation Type to eBook (t).

·       Click on [Save Copy] (u).

 NOTE:  When purchasing eBooks, ask the vendor to send you MARC records for the titles you are purchasing so that you can use the Import Titles function to add the eBooks to your catalog.  Make sure that the MARC records include the links to the online eBooks in the 856 field.  You will need to add a copy record to each title after you have imported them.  If you don’t, Destiny will not display the title in a catalog search, or will indicate that there are “no copies” of the title, implying that it is not available.  Set aside a range of barcodes to use for this purpose, making sure not to give the same barcode range to another vendor.