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Updated eBooks & audiobooks

RILINK's collection of shared eBooks and digital audiobooks, called RISOCKS, is available for participating member schools, with the annual cost to each member based on student enrollment. Students, teachers, and parents have access to titles in this collection through computers and mobile devices. 

Ebooks are also available through AskRI's subscription to World Book. Find them at or upload a range of eBooks into your library's catalog. You should not need a username and password to open these eBooks.  What do you do if you can't get to WorldBook resources without getting asked to log in? The state of Rhode Island’s World Book Online subscription is Geo-Authenticated. If you are being prompted for login, it means your ISP is "outside" of the state of Rhode Island. If you can't get to WorldBook resources from home or school, in Rhode Island, the URL below will use your browser's GPS to allow AskRI to verify that you are in the state of Rhode Island and will automatically authenticate your access.




Follett also offers -  titles that incorporate videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, quizzes,, and other key sites.  Lightbox also integrates access to your eBook collections, Destiny® Library Manager™,, and other key sites.  Lightbox pricing starts at $40 for each title for multi-user access.  Each title comes with the corresponding book to add to your collection.

Unfortunately, we cannot buy these multi-user titles for our shared BookLynx collection.  Click here to see some of the available titles, which cover K-12 and a variety of curriculum topics.  Some elementary titles are also available in Spanish.

See all the current titles by searching for Lightbox in Titlewave, or look at the online Lightbox catalog.   You can also check out the list of Lightbox titles currently owned by RILINK members



What Is Lightbox?

Lightbox is an all-inclusive digital solution for the teaching and learning of curriculum topics in an original, groundbreaking way. The program is based on National Curriculum Standards. Lightbox is a content delivery system, designed and engineered to be robust and reliable. It is optimized for tablets, whiteboards, and computers.

Lightbox digital titles come with fully integrated media features, including embedded videos, slideshows, child-safe weblinks, contextual key word definitions, and high-quality narration. Unique features of Lightbox enable students to virtually visit locations around the world with Google Maps. Lightbox also helps students learn with layered transparencies of maps, diagrams, charts, and timelines.


Accessing eBooks hosted by Big Timber Media

‚ÄčLibrary users for EBooks hosted by Big Timber Media can be authenticated in two Ways:

Referring URL.  Instructions sent by Big Timber Media:  

“Referring URL authentication: If your school has a secure password-protected site, we can put the URL of your site on our list of approved URLs, and any time a student clicks on a Big Timber Media hosted link from your site - regardless of whether they are at school or at home - they will be automatically logged in.
• The referring URL must be a password-protected site that is accessible only by those who have the rights to view your eBooks. Our books are generally sold as a site-license and cannot be accessed by other schools in your district.”

The referring URL for a RILINK member school would be (Destiny Classic)[sitenumber].  See the RILINK Directory for the URL for your school's Destiny site. 

for Destiny Discover the referring URL would be[DestinyDiscover site number.]   You can find this number by going to Destiny Discover from your school's Catalog tab. 

Which URL you send to Big Timber Media would depend on which interface your students are using.
You can contact Big Timber Media at 
952-232-6657 (952-2-EBOOKS) or toll-free at 1-855-425-4146, or email them by filling out the form at

2.  Username and password.  When the eBooks were purchased, Big Timber Media or the EBook vendor would have sent an access address ( with a username and password.  If you have the username and password on file, students would be able to access the eBooks being hosted by Big Timber Media using the username and password they provided, if you can't get the referring URL in option 1 set up with Big Timber Media.

Points to consider for making eBooks and digital audio books available to your students and teachers:

  • Can the vendor's eBooks and digital audio books be integrated with my library's Destiny catalog?  (So far, we have integration with OverDrive and Mackin, and of course, Follett)
  • Before you upload MARC records into your catalog for subscription eBooks, always make a Resource List for these eBooks first.  When you upload the MARC records, make sure to add them to this Resource List.  If you decide not to renew your subscription in the future, you can use the Resource List you created to delete these eBook records from your catalog.  The list also makes them easier to find.

Questions to ask:

  • Will my students and teachers have to log in again at the vendor site to get access to the eBooks and audio books?
  • If they have to log in again at the vendor site, can the vendor use the same usernames/passwords that are used to log into Destiny/local networks/Google classroom?  (The usernames and passwords for logins should always match the logins that students are already using.)
  • Can access to the vendor's eBooks and digital audio books be IP authenticated?
  • Can access be authenticated by referring URL so that students and teachers can access them at home?
  • Can the vendor supply MARC records to upload into Destiny that have links to the individual eBook or digital audio book?