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Updated eBooks & audiobooks

For problems with your FollettShelf, call 1-877-873-2764.

For additional questions about FollettShelf contact  Please send any issues with Capstone Interactive eBooks to the same email address.

What do you do if you can't get to WorldBook resources without getting asked to log in? The state of Rhode Island’s World Book Online subscription is Geo-Authenticated. If you are being prompted for login, it means your ISP is "outside" of the state of Rhode Island. If you can't get to WorldBook resources from home or school, in Rhode Island, the URL below will use your browser's GPS to allow AskRI to verify that you are in the state of Rhode Island and will automatically authenticate your access.

What can you do if your eBook stops working while you are reading or showing it to a class?

  • Teachers and students who want to read an eBook should always log in
  • If they find the eBook or audio book in Destiny Discover, they should check it out before Opening it.
  • If they find and Open an eBook or digital audio book in Destiny Classica new window should Open
  • Once the book Opens, they should click on the book symbol with the check mark on it to Check out the book.  The eBooks must open in a new window in the browser in either case. 
  • When the student or teacher is finished with the book, they should close the new window that opened, and they will be returned to the Destiny Classic or Destiny Discover window where they started
  • If the eBooks are not opening in a separate window, this is something to talk about with your local technology person as a possible browser or network setting.
  • If the book is checked out and a problem occurs, the user should close the window where it was opened. 
  • Then the user should be able to open the book again right away in the Destiny Discover or Destiny Classic window where they started, and the eBook should open to the page where they were when the problem occurred.  
  • If the eBook is not displayed in the Destiny Discover window, they can click on the hamburger symbol in the left-hand corner, scroll down to Checkouts, and open the eBook again
  • If they were in Destiny Classic, they can find and Open the eBook or audio book in the My Info tab, provided they logged in and checked the item out.  The eBook should open to the page where they were when the problem occurred.