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eBooks and eReaders: Overview

This guide will be updated with information and resources about eBooks, eReaders, and related apps. Select a tab for more information about a specific product or service.

Examples of Permission Slips for Devices

Andrea Hajian and Rosanne Trissler from LaSalle Academy and Susan Murphy from Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry have offered to share the permission slips they use for the loaning of eDevices.  We thank them for their generosity. 

Online Resources

Important !

If you are working with multiple eBook and database vendors, always insist that the general username and password must be ones specified by you, so that your students and teachers can consistently use the same username and password across all resources.

RICAT Samples

Questions to ask when considering eBooks for your library….

Why does my library need to purchase eBooks – how will they enhance the curriculum and implementation of standards?  What subject areas and reading levels are needed?

How do I want my students and teachers to be able to find and read eBooks?

What devices will be provided by my school/district to read eBooks?  What devices do my students and teachers already own, or what are they likely to own in the near future?

How do vendor eBook shelves work?

What vendor(s) should I use?

What questions should I ask the vendor?

            What subjects, reading levels and publishers are included in the eBooks that you provide?

            Can the eBooks purchased individually by title?  If so, where is the content stored?

Are they available only as a specific collection of titles?  If so, what are the titles in the collection(s)?

            Are the eBooks provided as a subscription that must be renewed annually?

How/where can the eBooks that I am buying be used?  What license rights does my library have to the content?  Do any of the titles have unlimited access, or would I need to purchase multiple copies in order to have a eBook used by more than one reader at a time?

What are the format(s) of the eBooks that you provide?

Can all of the eBooks be downloaded to devices?  Which devices?  How are they downloaded?  How long do they stay on the device?

Do you have MARC records with copy information that I can upload into my library catalog?

(If the vendor does not supply copy information, how can I add it to my catalog?)

Do you provide for IP verification for reading eBooks from school?

Can I choose the username and password for reading eBooks at home?

(Pick an unusual default username and password for all your services that students and teachers can remember, but no other library is likely to request.  Use LORI three-letter code as part of the username and/or password?)

Can the content of the nonfiction eBooks that I am purchasing also be accessed as a database?  If so, is there a Follett Destiny OneSearch translator for this content so that I can set it up for my library?  (See the list of available translators at on the Follett web site)

How do I get eBooks into my library catalog?

              Uploading MARC records

              Follett/Destiny eBook integration

How can I get MARC records for my eBooks?

              From vendor

              Editing an existing MARC record

Are there any free eBooks available?  How can my students and teachers find and read them?

Follett eBook or Digital audioBook problems?

Follett BryteWave Tech Specs

Follett Support: 1-877-873-2764

eBook User Guides

Below are draft eBook User Guides to use with students and teachers, depending on which Destiny interface they prefer.  All feedback, comments, corrections, suggestions gratefully accepted.

Setting up and using eBooks