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Information about the transfer from RICAT to Follett-hosted

The Good News

The existing Back Office sites on the RILINK servers will remain online through October.  You can access them to:

  • recreate Configuration and other settings in the new Back Office site on Follett hosted
  • compile statistics
  • export Resource Lists
  • export Patron records that cannot be added from district/school sources

The Bad News

The bad news is that the only things that will be moving from the existing Back Office to the new Back Office on Follett hosted are:

  • MARC and copy records, which mean that any Copy Categories will still exist, as this information is maintained with the copy information.
  • Current transactions, which Follett will bring over from the existing sites and match to the patron records in the new site

Patron information will be brought into the new site on Follett-hosted using the patron-update function for each district/single site.  For any site or patron records that cannot be obtained in this way, RILINK will assist the district or single site to copy and upload the records.  This means that everyone will be starting with a new slate, except for current transactions.

What you need to do

Here's what you need to do to get ready:

  • Answer any requests for information from RILINK or Follett in a timely manner.
  • Finalize any open Inventories.
  • Any copies marked Lost when the MARC and copy records are moved will be reset to Available and will need to be reset as Lost. Please consider deleting Lost copies by date for those copies unlikely to return.
  • Print/Save a list of items that are marked Lost so that you can mark them Lost in the Follett-hosted site.
  • Don't add any new items to your catalog after June 25th.
  • After the new site is up on Follett-hosted, you will need to duplicate Settings from the old site to the new site, including Site Configuration, Patron Types, Access Levels, Library Policies, Circulation Policies, Recreate any information in the Back Office that you wish to keep that will not be moved in the transfer, such as:
    • Resource Lists
    • Statistics - create and print statistics needed
    • Home Page - Consider moving your Home Page instructions and links to Destiny Discover your library's LibGuide.  You can also select and copy the text/links on the home page and Save as a Word document and then use this information to re-create you Home Page if you wish to do so.  If you are not directing students and teachers to Destiny Back Office, don't worry about this step.  
    • If you have any questions about saving information, please contact one of us: