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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: ARIA Collection

Announcing the ARIA Collection!

The RILINK ARIA Collection is a selection of fiction and nonfiction titles for all grade levels by authors with Rhode Island connections. Authors who are members of ARIA (The Association of Rhode Island Authors) have donated titles to this collection. RILINK thanks them for their generosity!

Students, teachers, and faculty at RILINK member schools who have access to interlibrary loan may borrow any title in the ARIA Collection (subject to availability). Please see your school librarian for more information.

To preview the titles in the ARIA Collection, please visit the Explore the Collection tab above

The ARIA Collection will be hosted on an annual rotating basis at RILINK member libraries.

If your library is part of the RILINK Consortium and you would be willing to commit to a one-year hosting schedule, please contact Zach at for more information. Thank you!


ARIA Collection  

Donated by the authors and the Association of Rhode Island Authors.

Check out the online listing for additional titles.


ARIA 523.1 ARC

Arcand, Kimberly K. Your ticket to the universe : a guide to exploring the cosmos. Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books, [2013].
"A concise guide to the universe. Includes information on the planets, and other astrological entities"--Provided by publisher.

Interest level:  Adult


Boss, Judith D. Deception island.
While at an archaeology dig in Afghanistan, Rachel St. Claire, an evolutionary anthropologist, comes across a pendant with strange shifting symbols. Not long after, she receives an urgent call from her colleague, Dr. Grace McAllister, who insists that she come with her and her nephew, Trevor, a handsome polar geophysicist, to Antarctica to examine an unusual body that was found in an ice cave. Before Rachel can respond, bandits sent by the ruthless Major General Braun storm the site. Just as they are about to seize Rachel, a helicopter appears with Trevor who has been sent by his Aunt to bring Rachel to Antarctica. Trevor soon falls in love with Rachel who, unfortunately, already has a fiance. Little does she know that her fiance is part of a group of bioterrorists who are engaged in secret genetic experiments in an abandoned World War II Nazi base under the Antarctic ice and who are after the pendant and Rachel.

Interest level:  Adult


ARIA 636.8 CAL

Calenda, Kristen. Nubiana : a true story about a very special kitty.
Nubiana is an inspirational story of how a disheveled and unwelcome cat changed the life of her unexpected new guardians, true non-lovers of cats. Along the way, this heartfelt journey offers caring people, travel and adventure, love and kindness, memories made and shared, togetherness and parting. It's a heartwarming story of a special bond and relationship that forever changed and fulfilled lives.

Interest level:  All ages


Cannon, Peter James. The unmaking of a conservative : Africa - anything is possible. Bloomington, IN : Author House LLC, c2014.
Narrated in the third person, the author's describes his career and life view developed over three decades of working in twenty-three countries outside the United States, including 18 in Africa.

Interest level:  Adult

ARIA 974.5 CAR

Caranci, Paul F. Monumental Providence : legends of history in sculpture, statuary, monuments and memorials. First edition.
A monuments tour of the city of Providence.

Interest level:  All ages



D'Ammassa, Don. Living things. First edition. np : Managansett Press, c2015.
Kelly figures that the new school year will be stressful enough after breaking up with her boyfriend, but things get even worse when inanimate objects begin to plot against her.

Interest level:  YA


Goodman, Hannah R. My sister's wedding. New York : iUniverse, c2004.
Fifteen-year-old Madeline Hickman feels her life spiraling out of control when the secrets she carries about her alcoholic sister, her best friend, her boyfriend, and her mom and grandmother start coming to light.

Interest level:  YA


Halliday, Deborah L. To the sea : Thirty-two poems from Godey's Lady's Book. np : np, c2013.
Poetry published in the nineteenth century magazine Godey's Lady's Book, often reader-submitted, but also including poems by well-known authors that speak to the experiences and emotions of that time.

Interest level:  All secondary


Kelley, Lauren E. Tuggie the patriot pup / : The War of 1812. Providence, RI : AlphaGraphics, c2013.
Tuggie, a Yorkshire Terrier, travels to Washington, D.C. and helps his new friend escape from the burning White House as the British attack the city.

Interest level:  K-3

ARIA 155.9 KIT

Kittel, Kelly., author. Breathe : a memoir of motherhood, grief, and family conflict.
A mother's heartbreaking account of losing two sons in the span of nine months - and of learning how to embrace love, honesty, and joy in the face of tragedy.

Interest level:  Adult


Major, Christine. Run with me : a run in the woods can change a life. Charleston, S.C., : 2013.
Six long weeks in the remote woods of Montana with no human contact outside of her parents and their archaeology team. How will Olivia Bradford survive?

Interest level:  YA


McCagg, Tory, author. Bittersweet Manor : a novel.
"After a four-month estrangement from her family, thirty-two-year-old Emma Michaels visits The Harbor View Assisted Living Home to tell her grandmother, Gussie, that she has made a decision: she's going to sell the family property--her inheritance. Sitting on the dock of Poquatuck Village, Connecticut, looking across the harbor to their family's longtime home, the two women debate over Emma's choice--and their conversation lays the framework for the book, which flows over the decades, all the way back to Gussie's youth and marriage, then forward through the lives of her three children, Auggie, Livy, and Alyssa, whose hopes and talents are warped by their mother's influence and disappointed expectations. Expectations passed down through the generations. Subtle. Unspoken. Implacable. As Emma and Gussie remember the choices and dynamics that have produced the complicated tapestry that is their family's history, Emma makes a number of surprising discoveries about her loved ones--and herself--and she prepares to do what no one else in her family has dared: let go of the past to make room for the future, though doing so will destroy the thing her grandmother holds most dear." --

Interest level:  YA


McCombs, Seth. Old salty dog : a Rhode Island folk tale. 1st McAwesome Press edition 2014. McAwesome Press, 2014.
Tall tale of a quahogger who encounters all the mythical Sea Monsters of legend in his quest for clams.

Interest level:  K-3



McIntosh, Rachel L. Security Through Absurdity : Little Yellow Stickies Book One. Bloomington, IN : IUniverse, c2014.

In this first book of the series, Jocelyn McLaren witnesses crimes and becomes involved with nefarious psychopaths while working for a defense contractor just prior to the Iraq war.

Interest level: Adult


Perry, Mark, 1974-. 'Post' Mark : Santa's misfit postman. First edition. Providence, RI : Delor Francis, c2013.
A young boy, Mark, is called a misfit because he dreams of travel and writing stories about his adventures. Despite his classmates' taunts, Mark finds a place to fit in with Santa's elves and becomes "Post" Mark, the North Pole postman.

Interest level:  K-3


Petit, Karen. Mayflower dreams.
"Before, during, and after the 1620 voyage on the Mayflower, the Pilgrims experienced a common-house fire, other challenges, and many accomplishments. Their journey is explored by Rose Hopkins when she travels backwards in time and meets her ancestors through Mayflower Dreams. Within her reality and dreams, Rose finds her modern life connects to Pilgrim history and culture. In her reality, Rose has problems living in the present. She is often late and is separated from her husband. She connects to her ancestors as she uses a sampler to look for a watch. Her journey includes visiting Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth Rock, Plimoth Plantation, and the Mayflower II. In her dreams, Rose uses lucid dreaming techniques to create a dream story: she meets many Pilgrims, including John Robinson, the pastor of the Puritans. The Pilgrim history, lifestyle, dialogue, and dreams of religious freedom are realistically displayed within Rose's dream story." -- back cover.

Interest level:  Adult


Pezzelli, Peter. The glassblower's apprentice.
Fabio Terranova is a brilliant dancer. With dreams of one day making his mark on Broadway and Hollywood, he makes plans to travel to Milan to enter a dance competition he hopes will be his springboard to fame and fortune in America. All is set until the eve of his departure, when a night of wild celebration with his friends turns to tragedy.

Interest level:  Adult


Phillips, Joanne M. Angelique and the Green Planet. Bloomington, IN : Balboa, c2013.
Lucidus, King of Light, asks a star being named Angelique to help teach the inhabitants of the green planet to be at peace. How can she reach beings that are unable to see or hear her?

Interest level:  YA

ARIA 974.5 POR

Porter, Dawn M. Searching for Rhode Island. First edition. Glocester, RI : Stillwater River, c2013.
This word search book includes many of Rhode Island's unique people, places, and things to discover.

Interest level:  Grades 5-8


Porter, Steven R. Manisses. Glocester, RI : Stillwater Press, c2012.
Attracted by the heavenly vistas, cool summer breezes, and affable residents, professional spiritual channelers Clement and Jessica Bradford relocate their family to the coastal island of Manisses to raise their two eccentric daughters in a storybook New England atmosphere -- and talk to the dead. But a foolish mistake from their past haunts them, and when a local girl goes missing, it takes the whole family, including a peculiar doll named Otto, to stop history from repeating itself. Manisses is a rollicking adventure told through a thousand years of history, where you'll meet a brave native maiden, a demure pirate, Prohibition rum-runners, a vengeful witch and many others -- all connected through time by an inconspicuous pile of rocks.  Interest level:  Adult


Prescott, M. Lee. Song of the Spirit : A Story of Love and Freedom. Mt. Hope Press, c2014.
In the late 1800's, post-Civil War, two young Cheyenne sisters are wrenched from a loving family, and taken to Rose Academy, an Indian boarding school established to assimilate native young people.

Interest level:  YA


Richer, Ashley. Chasing the Moon. First edition.
CHASING The MOON, the first book of the series Tyler's TALL Tales , is about a boy and his pet basset hound, Freckles.  

Interest level:  K-3


Ring, Thom. The red race car. Burrillville, RI : YankeePress, c2014.
Jimmy Pearson hopes to follow in his late father's footsteps by racing a midget race car over the course of the summer after high school graduation.

Interest level:  YA


Schimmel, Theresa MacInnis. David's war / David's peace.
"David's War/David's Peace is a children's chapter picture book with two stories in one about conflict and peacemaking. In Book One David befriends a rabbit who takes him to his meadow home and tells him of the invasion of woodchucks. David devises a war plan to get rid of the woodchucks, but as with most wars, it results in tragedy. In Book Two, David chooses a different course of action when he learns of the conflict. He acts as mediator to resolve the problem peacefully, and brings harmony to the meadow. Included in the book are peace quotes from children, questions to facilitate discussion for classroom use, a glossary, and the Steps for Making Peace." -

Interest level:  grades 5-8



Spikes, J. D. The possession : Book 1 Secret Journals. Rockland, Ontario, Canada : Lachesis Publishing, c2014.
How do you protect yourself from something that isn't really there? Seventeen-year-old (almost) Daphne and her Micmac friend Zach must deal not only with town trouble-makers but also the lighthouse ghost.

Interest level:  YA


Squatrito, J. Michael. The Overlords : Legend of the Treasure. np : iUniverse, Inc, c2006.
Harrison Cross wishes nothing more than to help his hometown of Aegeus secure the land's most sacred treasure, the bounty of the ancient Overlords. Harrison and his friends face countless foes on their way, including the evil Scynthians who want nothing more than to eradicate the human race.   

Interest level:  YA

ARIA 113.9 VOL

Volk, Mary Catherine. Believe in forever : Signs of love from departed loved ones. United States : Xlibris, c2015.
This book details the specific ways that contact with the other side occurs, based on the author's experience as a spiritual medium.  

Interest level:  Adult

ARIA 974.5 WES

West, H. Philip. Secrets & scandals : reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006.
"In the long slog of the war against corruption in Rhode Island and the fight for reform, Phil West was at the epicenter, and here he takes you behind the battle lines, with a wealth of materials and detail about the issues and the players." M. Charles Bakst.

Interest level:  Adult

ARIA 974.5 WOL

Wolf, Raymond A. The lost villages of Scituate. Charleston, SC : Arcadia Pub., c2009.
Collects annotated, black-and-white photographs that document the history of the Scituate Reservoir in Rhode Island.

Interest level:  All ages


Wolfe, Sean Fay. Minecraft : The Quest for Justice. South Kingstown, RI : Diamond Axe Studios, 2014.
Stan and his friends Charlie and Kat battle monsters on the Minecraft server Elementia. To survive, the trio must fight natural perils, the King's forces and the dangerous Mr. A.

Interest level:  YA

About ARIA

From the ARIA website: "The Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) is a non-profit organization of local, published writers of both fiction and non-fiction committed to raising awareness of the outstanding written works crafted by writers in Rhode Island and other nearby communities."

One of ARIA's goals is to become the go-to resource for anyone "seeking information about and presentations from Rhode Island authors." RILINK is happy to assist ARIA with this goal and is grateful for the donations that ARIA's authors have made to the RILINK ARIA Collection.

For more information about ARIA, please visit their website:

The ARIA Bookplate

All ARIA-donated books have the following bookplate inside the front cover, so you'll always know which titles are part of the ARIA Collection.