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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: Capstone/PebbleGo




Vicky Sweet,

Capstone Representative

CT, RI, MA Schools and Libraries

Ph: 914-316-0083

Schedule a virtual meeting with Vicky

Katie Boone

Regional Sales Coordinator to Vicky Sweet

Ph: 800-471-8112 ext. 8379





Maximize your students' research with Resources for Educators.  Discover new and creative ways to make the most of PebbloGo and PebbleGo Next.  Resources include 

  • lesson plans and activities
  • video tutorials
  • content maps
  • promotional content
  • correlations to standards
  • MARC records


Basic research resources for grades K-3

Available databases:

  • PebbleGo Animals (includes Dinosaurs)

  • PebbleGo Science
  • PebbleGo Biographies
  • PebbleGo Social Studies
  • PebbleGo Health 

Add Ons:

  • Spanish Language package:  Animales, Ciencia, Biografias, and Estudios Sociales
  • PebbleGo Next
  • PebbleGo Read More - Encourage personalized learning and promote second sources by adding two read-aloud eBooks (700+) for every article in the PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science modules

                  See more PebbleGo in Action !  Click here for a demo.


Every PebbleGo database includes:

Simple Navigation

  • Guided keyword searching
  • Large visual search
  • Consistent five-tab navigation makes information easy to find and recognize

Extended Learning

  • Video and/or audio clips for most articles
  • Teach students to cite their source
  • "Share what you know" with a printable template, ideal for first reports

Expertly Leveled Text & Engaging Spoken-Word Audio

  • Ability to turn audio on/off
  • Bolded words have glossary definitions and pronunciations
  • Follow along with text highlighting

Educator Resources & Administration Tools

  • Correlate to curriculum standards
  • Lesson plans and reproducibles for each database
  • Usage reports and more


PebbleGo Next Science

PebbleGo Next States

PebbleGo Next American Indian History

PebbleGo Next Social Studies

PebbleGo Next Biographies 


At the core of this whole-school solution is an intuitive, easy-to-use standards alignment search tool that helps teachers find the exact content they need from a comprehensive collection of PebbleGo modules, thematic eBook bundles, and compilations of instructional materials providing thousands of resources, all aligned to state and national standards. With a few simple clicks, educators can connect their students with the content they need for academic success.
Subscriptions for Capstone Connect are usually funded through the district or school curriculum office.  The list price is $8,399 per school but Capstone has a special promotional price of $5,999 going on through July 31.  RILINK may be able to get special pricing based on the number of schools participating. The subscription cost will be reduced by $2.00 per Capstone Interactive eBooks owned and by any time left on your current PebbleGo subscription.  For example, if a school has Animals and Science currently for $799 through 12/31/2021 and they want a quote for Connect to start 08/01/2021, the credit for their PebbleGo subscription would be 5 months out of 12 (the time between when Connect would be implemented through their current renewal date 08/01/2021-12/31/2021) times the price paid, that is (5/12) * $799 = $332.92 off the Connect subscription.

Current subscriptions, 2020 school year



District School Databases
Barrington Public Schools Nayatt Elementary animals, science, biographies, & social studies 
Barrington Public Schools Primrose Hill Elementary animals, science, bios, & social studies
Barrington Public Schools Sowams Elementary  animals, bios, social studies, & science
Burrillville School District Austin T Levy Primary animals, science, & social studies


Exeter West Greenwich Reg SD Metcalf Elementary animals, science, social studies, bios, PGN states & Am Indian history, & PGN bios
Newport Public Schools Claiborne Pell Elementary animals, animales, science, bios, social studies, & dinos
West Warwick Public School Greenbush Elementary science & social studies 
West Warwick Public School J F Horgan Elementary science & social studies 
West Warwick Public School Wakefield Hill Elementary science & social studies 
Westerly Public Schools Dunn's Corners Elementary  animals, bios, social studies, science, & PGN science
Meeting Street School animals, science, & animals


Capstone is a leading publisher of children’s books in nonfiction and fiction, digital products and services and literacy programs. Capstone’s content comes in a variety of print and digital formats including board books, picture books, interactive books, apps, audio and databases. 

Imprints under Capstone include Capstone Press, Capstone Young Readers,Compass Point Books, Heinemann Raintree, Picture Window Books, and Stone Arch Books. Divisions include Capstone Young Readers, Capstone Classroom and Capstone Digital.



has lots to offer teachers and librarians in addition to books and interactive resources, including:

  • Common Core correlations and professional development materials
  • The Engage Literacy collections of Classroom titles, including Spanish