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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: Welcome

RILINK Newsletter September2020

Vision and Mission

0ur Vision

Each student has the resources needed to achieve success in education and become a lifelong learner.

Our Mission

RILINK supports school libraries, library media specialists, teachers, staff, and students with shared resources and training in partnership with the entire educational community.


serves over 65% of Rhode Island K-12 students.

Members include:

  • 120 elementary schools
  • 6 elementary/middle schools
  • 6 K-12 schools
  • 36 middle/jr. high schools
  • 6 middle/high schools   and
  • 30 high schools

- a total of 204 members in 33 school districts as of July 2020, plus the Family Literacy Center.

Professional Learning Sessions

Click the link above to request help from a RILINK Staff member.  Need immediate assistance? Call a staff person or send a group text to RILINK Staff

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RILINK offers a shared eBook book collection for all of its members, called BookLynx.


Request an eBook purchase for RILINK here!