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Report ILL Statistics: ILL FAQ

Report monthly interlibrary loan statistics below. Also access archived reports for previous school years.

FAQ about Tallying and Reporting Monthly ILL Statistics

To ask a question not listed here, please send an email to the RILINK ILL Help Desk at Relevant questions and responses will be added to this FAQ as time allows.

Q. How many times do I count an item for the tally sheet?

A. For each item borrowed, count it once. For each item loaned, count it once. Do not double-count items. If you are loaning an item to another library, place a tick mark on the tally sheet under "Items Loaned" when you send the item to the borrowing library, and then do not count that item again when it is returned back to you. If you are borrowing an item from another library, place a tick mark on the tally sheet under "Items Borrowed" when you receive the item, and then do not count the item again when you return it to the supplying library.

Q. When should I report ILL statistics each month?

A. The form to report the previous month's ILL statistics will open on the first of the following month and close on the last day of that month. For example, report September's ILL statistics between October 1 and October 31. Please plan accordingly

Q. Why do I have to report interlibrary loan statistics?

A. LORI membership requires the collection and reporting of interlibrary loan statistics. RILINK as an organization must support and facilitate this requirement, and also uses the statistics for tracking trends, for troubleshooting, and performing data analysis as needed.

Q. Why is the reporting form only open for one month at a time?

A. To encourage timely submission of data. It costs RILINK quite a bit of money in staff hours to track down missing or unreported ILL data. 

Q. I forgot to submit my statistics for a particular month, and that month's form is no longer available. What should I do?

A. Send an email to the the RILINK ILL Help Desk at explaining your situation. A link to the requested month's form will be sent to you. Please try not to make a habit of this!

Q. After I submitted my statistics, I realized (or think) I made an error. What should I do?

A. After clicking "Submit," the form for the current month should reload to a new form. Re-submit the form with the corrected statistics, and make a note in the Comments field briefly explaining the reason for the duplication.

Q. Do I have to submit monthly ILL statistics to RILINK and also complete the twice-yearly OLIS delivery items hand-count surveys, too?

A. Yes.  Both are required.

Q. I am on a Delivery on Demand (DOD) schedule and rarely use ILL services. Do I still have to submit ILL statistics every month?

A. Yes. RILINK staff has no way of knowing whether your lack of submission of statistics for any given month is due to lack of ILL activity or due to oversight in reporting. Submit ILL statistics each month and enter 0 for any or all categories for which there was no ILL activity for that month.

Q. I need an official copy of my ILL statistics. How do I get that?

A. Check the ILL Statistics Archive tab at the top of this page. If your school is not listed, or if the month(s) for which you need data are not included, please send an email to the RILINK ILL Help Desk at and include the month(s) or date range(s) for which you need a report. Please note that ILL Statistics Reports are only prepared and archived at the end of each school year, as time allows.

Q. Can't I just run a report in Destiny© to capture my ILL stats and send that in? 

A. No. At the current time, Destiny© neither captures nor breaks down ILL statistics in a manner that is useful and required for reporting purposes to RILINK and OLIS staff. If this ever changes, we will be happy to rely on Destiny© reports instead of asking RILINK members to take on the ILL reporting task each month.

Q. My school is new to ILL and is not on the drop-down list on the form. What do I do? 

A. Send an email to the RILINK ILL Help Desk at Please include your name, position, school name, school email address, and school phone number. RILINK staff will update the form and notify you via email.




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