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Resource Sharing: Interlibrary Loan Basics Using Destiny©: Welcome to ILL

Everything you need to know to maximize the benefits of resource sharing and interlibrary loan for your library is available here!

Expand Your Library's Collection with Resource Sharing and Interlibrary Loan!


RILINK's Vision & Mission   Learn how to:

0ur Vision

Each student has the resources needed to achieve success

in education and become a lifelong learner.

Our Mission

RILINK supports school libraries, library media specialists, teachers,

staff, and students with shared resources and training in partnership

with the entire educational community.

*Navigate RILINK and OLIS resources

 *Perform basic ILL functions in RICAT

 *Fulfill resource sharing obligations

 *Get help when you need it


Is your library a member of the LORI network? Is it current on its LORI certification?

Have you submitted the Activate ILL form? 

Please use the Help Request Form to contact RILINK staff with any questions.


A printable PDF version of this checklist is available at the bottom of the page.

Work your way through these important things to know and/or review before starting interlibrary loan and resource sharing in your library. Additional training resources will be added in the near future. Please contact RILINK staff with any questions. Thank you for supporting RILINK's mission!

[   ]   Tour of Interlibrary Loan Portal, including:

[   ]   ILL Guidelines and LORI ILL Code

[   ]   RILINK email accounts

[   ]   Delivery on Demand (DOD)

[   ]   Interlibrary loan statistics

[   ]   Reporting delivery problems

[   ]   Important OLIS/LORI website links

[   ]   LORI (re)certification

[   ]   LORI Items Count survey

[   ]   Basic RICAT ILL processes, including:

[   ]   Processing Needed tour

[   ]   Setting up accounts

[   ]   Destiny© site configuration

[   ]   Place ILL for patron

[   ]   Patron-initiated requests

[   ]   Process ILL requests

[   ]   Submit the Activate ILL form

[   ]   Set up ILL work station and ILL stats binder

[   ]   Save and print LORI delivery slips

[   ]   Review ILL packaging guidelines

[   ]   Order LORI delivery bins

[   ]   Confirm LORI delivery schedule

[   ]   Train patrons on ILL procedures

[   ]   Turn on interlibrary loan function in Back Office

[   ]   Immediately begin monitoring Processing Needed page

To request assistance with resource sharing and interlibrary loan issues, please use the Help Request Form Additional help may also be requested by contacting RILINK staff directly.

Please also review the information on the linked document below: