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Keynote 2014: Inspire and Engage- Libraries as Innovation Labs: Keynote Session Overview

Inspire and Engage: Libraries as Innovation Labs

Libraries are the hub of every school where big ideas and bright people converge. Libraries foster collaboration between students, faculty, and the community. We believe libraries and librarians are the experts at facilitating the resources and the research that make innovation possible.

What we’ve found time and again is the library playing a central role in bringing together divergent groups, around generations and subjects, breaking down traditional barriers of “faculty” and “student” and the silos of departments and grade teams, to create new affinity groups, all centered around one unifying element: ideas.

Innovation is rarely specific to one discipline. But neither are the libraries we are developing. Libraries can function as the “antisilo.” We can offer the time and resources to crosspollinate ideas and collaborate. We provide unleveled, integrated, facultystudent, curricularextracurricular opportunities. We are the school’s melting pot.  In this sense, libraries have the potential to be, and are a proving ground for what is possible.

Keynote Presenter

Stephen Chinosi, architect of experience and the Chief Innovation Officer of Newton Public Schools

Kevin McGrath, co-founder of the Office of Ingenuity and Library Teacher at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, formerly at Newton North High School